Traffic Stop

24 Weird Driving Laws You Won’t Believe (Infographic)

The warm, summer air inspires vacations and road trips. This is the time of year to leave the office and head out with the family. Vacations take some prep: hotel bookings, packing, and actually leaving the house on time.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing right? Ever think your vacation prep would involve studying obscure traffic laws? For example, if you take a trip to Alaska, and decide you really like it, actually get a place. It’s illegal to live in your trailer.

On your way to visit the water park attractions of Wisconsin Dells? Let any cattle have the right-of-way as you arrive in town.

Digging Through The Books

Kayla Matthews is a freelance writer, blogger, and researcher. She wanted to learn about weird driving laws after discovering it was illegal for her to try and get ahead of Old Man Winter.

“I read that, in Pennsylvania where I live, you aren’t supposed to leave your car running to warm it up unless you’re in it,” Matthews recalled. “I thought it was ridiculous. Why would I freeze in my car when I can turn it on and go back inside?”

Matthews who writes for MakeUseOf and Project Productive says she never worried about her car being stolen since she can see it from her kitchen.

“I could understand warning people about the repercussions of leaving your keys in your running car, but to have it be illegal seems a bit much,” she said.

It got Matthews thinking and her subsequent “poking around” for other odd ball traffic laws may save you a ticket. She later teamed with CJ Pony Parts for the graphic below. These laws are enough to make you scratch your head. I’m still not sure how you would actually pull off breaking the one listed from Illinois.

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan.