Stunning: New Images of Aston Martin Virage

To our eyes, there isn’t much more beautiful automobiles in the world than those currently produced by Aston Martin. British luxury and performance and luxury at its finest; new cars from the company have positioned Aston Martin at the top of the automotive heap once again. It’s (almost) enough to make us forget about the atrocity that is the Cygnet.

The company’s “VH” aluminum chassis architecture has spawned many model variants, and the Virage is the latest in that succession. The car was first shown off ahead of the Geneva Auto Show in February. The Virage comes looking like a two-door version of the Rapide, and that means a sleeker and more elegant look than that of the DB9 and DBS. Count us as fans.

Until now, we’ve been subject to the bland studio press photography that usually first accompanies automotive press releases. Aston Martin has just released some high-quality photography of the car now, and you can check out the latest stunner hailing from Britain in the gallery below.

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