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We Brought Kids’ Dream Cars to Life With AI Art

If you ask the average adult what their dream car is, they’re likely to name a car that exists – or has existed – in the real world. Perhaps it’s a current infatuation with something new and exotic. Maybe it’s a lifelong obsession with a classic ride. Some folks might even name a nostalgic old favorite from a different era in life.

But kids? They can take the idea of a “dream car” a little more literally. That’s why we asked a few of them to tell us about the car of their dreams. Without the constraints that come with “knowing how cars work” or “a basic understanding of physics,” the children of Automoblog staff, friends, and family were free to imagine vehicles that fearlessly defy the boundaries of the physical world.

To bring those ideas to life, we took what these creative minds told us and fed them into Midjourney – a generative artificial intelligence (AI) art program. The results? Truly beyond our wildest dreams, but certainly not beyond those of the children we talked to.

10 Kids’ Dream Cars Made Real With Midjourney

Below, you’ll find 10 cars created by kids and illustrated by Midjourney and, perhaps, the inspiration to dream a little bigger.

1. The Rainbow Rock ‘n’ Roller

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“A rainbow-colored guitar car with a hot rod-style supercharger.” – Miles, age 12

2. Magical School Bus (Lunar Edition)

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“A Magic School Bus that can change into hundreds of things just like it always does.” – Aviva, age 5

3. Deluxe Barb-V

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“It would look like a Barbie camper. It’d be pink. I’d drive it to a campsite and it could turn into a house.” – Pace, age 6

4. UniCone Ice Dream Truck

kids dream cars ai 1 3

“A car that is part unicorn, part ice cream truck with Elsa from the movie Frozen.*” – Edie, age 3

*Editor’s note: Elsa’s PR team told us that she had a prior obligation related to her royal duties and could not make it, but wants to thank Edie for thinking of her.

5. Pro Van Go (Interstellar Edition)

kids dream cars ai 1 5

“A car that can go to space but would also be good for a handyman with lots of friends.” – Corbin, age 15

6. RaveDigger

kids dream cars ai 1 1

“A monster truck that has a candy amusement park with a chocolate waterslide, marshmallow bouncy house, Twizzler roller coaster, and a really good band.” – Amos, age 11

7. Chevy Glazer (Princess LE)

kids dream cars ai 1 2

“A rainbow princess car and nothing else, except sprinkle donuts.” – Emerson, age 4

8. Bored Underbird

kids dream cars ai 1 8

“A pink flat car that I can drive everywhere in the basement that can do nothing.” – Kelsey, age 4

9. Attackura Legend

kids dream cars ai 1 6

“A shark car with two leaf blowers and [parents’ names (neither of which are ANNKA)] on each side.” – Jake, age 3

10. Scram 1500 TREX

kids dream cars ai 1 11

“A green T-Rex race car with four wheels, a nose, teeth that stick out, and eyes that blink. It would race other T-Rex race cars. It is also like a police car with lights all over. It can drive all over including on grass and even on the walls. It can bite other race cars too. I would drive it out of jail to escape.” – John, age 3 (Jake’s best friend and accomplice)

(Bonus!) 11. ’67 Mustang Coupe

kids dream cars ai 1 7

– Aliya, age 5

Aliya’s dad: “Aliya recently noticed a ’67 Mustang Coupe in Burnt Amber. She loved how loud it is, and that it smells like gas. She thought it was really cool.”

Our editorial team loved each and every one of these entries and have been deeply inspired by the creativity of these young designers. That said, we may just be with Aliya on this one. Call us old-fashioned.