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Viofo A229 Plus Review

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AMB A229 Plus2

The Viofo A229 Plus is a dash cam with front and rear cameras that both operate at 2K resolution. It’s priced a little on the higher side for a dash cam, but typical for a setup that includes two cameras. An additional, interior-facing camera can be purchased as an add-on for around $30.

We tested and reviewed this camera and think it’s not a bad option for the price range, the above-average video quality, and its easy-to-use application.

Good video qualityVoice control features don’t always work well
Includes forward-facing and rear-facing cameras.Some units have screen issues after a few months
Simple app with lots of options for fine-tuning settings.
Fast and responsive customer service

Perhaps our biggest concern about this camera has to do with its longevity. While we didn’t have any issues with our units, there are a decent number of online reviewers complaining that their cameras stopped working properly after a few weeks or months.

However, we have no problem recommending this camera because many reviewers have also claimed that Viofo product support is fast and reliable.

Viofo A229 Plus
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Forward and rear-facing dash cam with good video quality

Simple app makes it easy to set up and tune settings

Features voice control, GPS, and parking mode


Viofo A229 Plus Specs

  • Cost: $220 – $270
  • Resolution: 1440p (2K)
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps
  • Camera(s): Forward-facing, rear-facing, cabin interior (optional)
  • Features: Voice control, smartphone pairing, GPS, parking mode (event detection)

Viofo A229 Plus Installation And Handling

AMB A229 Plus6

To use the A229 Plus dash cam, you will need to purchase a microSD card, which will cost an additional $40 to $50 on the low end. Few dash cameras include a micro SD card, so this is typical.

Everything needed for installation is included: static stickers, an upholstery crowbar, extra adhesive mounting stickers, and all the cords and wires you need to power everything. Rear- and interior-facing cameras connect to the central front windshield camera, which itself connects to your vehicle’s 12-Volt outlet or USB port.

Most dash cams are easy to install, so the A229 Plus does not stand out for this reason. But it also doesn’t lose many points here because the package includes everything needed and all the parts work well.

The only issue we had installing the A229 Plus was with the adhesive mount. Many dash cams use this type of mount. Compared to suction mounts, adhesive mounts are less likely to fall off the windshield. The downside is that this type of mount is difficult to reposition and adjust once attached.

Using the Viofo A220 Plus is simple: It operates itself, automatically recording at whatever loop interval you choose in the settings. A button (or voice command) locks footage to save. Unlocked footage is still saved, but is automatically recorded over when the microSD card runs out of space for new footage.

In addition to locking footage, you can use voice commands to control other camera features. We tried these commands, but the function doesn’t work especially well – we often had to repeat commands before they were followed.

Viofo App

Viofo App 2 min

You don’t need to use the Viofo app to operate this camera. Many of the functions can be accessed through the camera’s interface. If you have a computer, you can download footage directly from the MicroSD card.

The Viofo app does, however, make it easier to access footage and manage camera settings. You can even download and save footage directly to your phone. We appreciate that the only permissions this app requires are those that are necessary (photo, video, and audio).

Viofo App 1

We found the app very easy to use overall due to its simplicity. It is used to manage footage and change certain camera settings like resolution, bitrate, and loop recording duration.

Viofo A229 Plus Video Quality

At the highest settings, the A229 Plus offers good daytime video quality and passable nighttime video quality. Though it records at 2K resolution, the advanced image sensors used in this camera provide better video clarity than even some 4K dash cams.

Daytime Video

The daytime video quality is good for a 2K dash cam. It can be improved with some adjustments or by using the polarizing filter. In the screengrabs below, we had not adjusted settings or used a filter. Even without optimizing performance, license plate details are clear from dozens of yards away.

viofo plus f002749

Nighttime Video

The quality of the nighttime video is typical for the majority of dash cams we’ve tested. Most cameras have trouble recording at a high frame rate with little light. Some dash cams have infrared sensors, but even these are often grainy in low-light situations like the one depicted here.

viofo plus night

Viofo A229 Plus Reviews

The Viofo A229 Plus has over 390 ratings with an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5.0. Our table shows a breakdown of the general sentiment expressed by the 100 most recent reviews:

Review MentionsNumber Of Reviews
Easy to install/use31
Great video quality22
Excellent, responsive customer service12
Display or other functions stop working after several weeks or months12
Received defective/faulty unit11
Too expensive5
Poor app performance3
Not enough features3
Operates poorly in heat1

Most people comment that the A229 Plus is easy to install and offers workable video quality. A few others note that this camera helped them immensely after an accident.

There are a decent number of reviewers mentioning that the display and SD card can fail after a couple weeks, or in some cases months. However, many also note that Viofo customer service is quick to offer refunds or replacements.

Viofo A229 Plus: 8.3 out of 10

Overall, we’d suggest the Viofo A229 Plus for anyone who wants front and back cameras. The video quality is not best-in-class, but it’s certainly above average. The app is well-designed and this camera is easy to use. The A229 Plus doesn’t have any stand-out features but includes those we expect like parking mode and g-force sensors.

Importantly, Viofo customer service is reported to be fast and efficient. With any electronic product, there can be issues and faulty devices – this is a risk no matter which brand you buy. Selecting a company like Viofo that has a reputation for quickly offering refunds and replacements gives some peace of mind.

Video Clarity8

The Viofo A229 Plus could be a good option for your dash cam setup. But if it’s within your budget, opting for the Viofo A229 Pro is worth it. The Pro model offers a considerable step up in resolution. However, The A229 Plus still offers better video clarity than some other brands’ 4K cameras.

Viofo A229 Plus
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As an Amazon Associate, Automoblog earns from qualifying purchases

Forward and rear-facing dash cam with good video quality

Simple app makes it easy to set up and tune settings

Features voice control, GPS, and parking mode

Our Dash Cam Testing Process

To test dash cams, we try to install and use each camera as a typical customer would. We open the package, inspect the components, and set up the dash cam according to the given directions. After installing a camera, we take it out for a test drive both during the day and at night. Footage is collected and scrutinized for clarity.

Each camera we test is given a rating (out of 10) for video clarity, usability, and features.

Video Clarity

Our video clarity rating is based on how well fine details can be made out when reviewing dash cam footage. To receive the highest scores in this category, a dash cam should capture enough detail that license plate details can be viewed on distant vehicles.

Few dash cams offer excellent nighttime clarity, but those that do score very well in this category.


Our usability rating is based on how easy or difficult it is to set up and operate a dash camera. We consider the installation process as well as what it takes to operate the camera. Cameras that allow you to quickly and simply access footage score best in this category.

We also give higher usability scores to cameras that allow you to fine-tune more of the device’s settings such as loop recording duration, exposure settings, framerate, bitrate, and resolution.


Our features rating is based on the dash cam’s functions beyond simply recording the road. This includes functions like parking sensors, GPS, and voice controls. Cameras that include not only the standard dash cam features but also uncommon useful extras score best in this category. Cameras also score well in this category if their standard features outshine the typical dash cam in performance.