GeigerCars Shelby GT640 Golden Snake

The Midas Touch: GeigerCars Shelby GT640 Golden Snake

Against the grain of a multitude of noted European tuners, actively supplies the continent with so-called “American iron“ since 1979. While European customers can purchase in their purest glory, also avails buyers the benefit of customization options extending well beyond factory preparations. Importing Cadillac, Chevrolet as well as even Jeep vehicles, unique Geiger creations have included the Hummer GT and the Corvette ZR-1 based Geiger GTS. work has also exercised their European-style tuning craft on the very American Ford Mustang. Instead of attempting to match wits with the work of Shelby, German-based has elected to gain the lead over a Shelby-modded Mustang.

Termed the GT640 Golden Snake, has taken a newly minted 2011 Ford Shelby GT500 into a reimagined modern hot rod.

Upping performance from Ford’s aluminum, supercharged 5.4-liter V-8, a 2.3 liter compressor, Geiger brand stainless steel sport exhaust system and different engine mapping software allows the Shelby GT640 Golden Snake to make a more venomous bite. Measuring 640 ps (equivalent of 631 horsepower), the performance advantage over the 2011 Shelby GT500 is very noticeable with the modification. Storming from 0 to 62 miles per hour in only 3.7 seconds, GT640 Golden Snake is half a second faster than the Ford-authorized model. Top speed for the Ford Shelby GT640 Golden Snake approaches 183 miles per hour.


Altering the alphanumeric designation to reflect its power output, the GT640 Golden Snake is amusing the most relevant sequencing used on the Mustang. Originally when Carroll Shelby named the GT350, the ’350’ number was spawned due to an estimation of the distance in feet between Shelby’s home and workshop. In the use of the GT500 name, the high-performance Mustang received the designation simply because it sounded fast.

Knowing the GT640 name harps on the vehicle‘s performance, the Golden Snake name for the creation captures the aesthetic image for the tuner-styled pony car. Covering their Shelby with a dead gold paint scheme, the GT640 Golden Snake loud exterior compliments the enhanced horsepower.

Contrasting the dead gold paint, the darkened appearance of carbon fiber is worn under the engine. The lightweight carbon fiber hood on the Shelby GT640 Golden Snake features sizable air scoops contributing to the breathing of the more excited supercharged eight-cylinder engine. Matt black 20-inch wheels specifically designed by Geiger borders the rims and the Michelin Pilot sport tires. Altogether, the Shelby GT640 Golden Snake rides on an H&R developed adjustable sport suspension system.

Creating their own version of the Shelby vehicle, the modified Mustang does not attempt to completely obscure the Shelby GT500 factory presentation. The Ford Shelby GT640 Golden Snake retains the chrome cobra badges and an altered version of the side stripes.


Fans of the original pony car has been treated to a never-ending stream of aftermarket tuned Mustang. The Shelby GT640 Golden Snake can be purchased for 89,000 Euros (equal to $126,588 US). The price of the GT640 Golden Snake also includes a high quality stereo and an EU navigation system.

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