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Lamborghini Privilegio: Another Special Edition Gallardo

Wow, another Gallardo. This one, the Privilegio, will set you back $208,000 (about 19% over the base MSRP of the base Gallardo) and will be a limited run of only 150. It comes in 2 shades of black (including a matte-black,) a white leather interior, and has a load of other features.

I must say, I’m not a fan of the matte-black parts of the car. Looks a little bit like the Lamborghini take on the Batmobile, but I do see where they are going with the idea. I do, however like the Titanium Cassiopea rims. Very sexy indeed.

lamborghini gallardo privilegio 1

Here’s my take: This is an OK idea for Lamborghini, but with identical engine specs and dimensions as the base Gallardo, it’s just another “tuner” move. It needs to take after it’s the older brother and make a move like the LP640. A minor facelift won’t get a “wow” from me quite yet.

The Gallardo Privilegio : Official Press Release

To show the possibilities about the wide range of interior and exterior customisation, the Gallardo Privilegio will be produced in limited number of 150 units only Coupe version. All dimensions & engine specifications remain the same from the standard coupe.

Base Colour: Nero Noctis (or available in Nero Serapis)

Parts in Mat Black:

  • Side Mirrors
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Upper Side Panels
  • Roof & extra part roof
  • Parts of front bonnet
  • Callisto Rims
  • Rocker Covers

Exterior Style:

  • Callisto Rims
  • Silver Brake Calipers
  • CI Badge on Rims
  • Dark Rear Taillights

Interior Trim

  • Bicolour Sportive Nero Perseus and Bianco Polar
  • Interior Q-citura
  • Exclusive Leather Package II in Bianco Polar
  • White Piping on Seats
  • White Stitching on Steering Wheel
  • White Instrument Rings
  • Central part of the seats, inner door panels, part behind seats with Q-citura
  • Nero Perseus Stitching (also on white parts)
  • Alcantara roof liner in black with Q-citura
  • Branding Package
  • Travel Package
  • Dedicated PRIVILEGIO label

Standard Equipment

  • Navigation
  • Rear View Camera
  • Onboard Computer
  • Antitheft System
  • Comfort Package
  • Dedicated Car Cover

Available Options

  • E-Gear
  • Transparent Bonnet
  • Heated Mirrors
  • Bluetooth
  • Luggage Set I / II
  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  • Titanium Cassiopea Rims on Sport Tyres *
  • Titanium Cassiopea Rims on Winter Tyres *

*additional rims and tyres set

Simulating the specific equipment of the Gallardo Privilegio as a sum of options, the retail price will be 19% over the standard MY07.