Gibbs Quadski

The Gibbs Quadski – One Step Closer to Being James Bond

Gibbs Quadski on water

We’ve been talking about amphibious cars for many, many years. One that can drive around like a normal car, but when it comes time to cross water, folds up its wheels and turns into a proper boat, then back into a car on land. They exist, but not only are they not actually in production for consumer use, they’re usually custom built and very, very expensive.

Well, sorry to disappoint, but we still don’t have an amphibious car. But Gibbs Sports has just announced something close, and it’s quite impressive.

Meet the Gibbs Quadski. They’re calling it the world’s first High Speed Amphibian (HSA) available to consumers. Although “high speed” can be a bit of a misleading term, being so vague and relative and all, their claims are pretty legit here in comparison to any competitors. This thing can hit 45 mph on both land and water. To put that into perspective, previous production amphibians had a top speed on water of about 8 mph.

Gibbs Quadski on land

It’s hits that speed thanks to a BMW Motorrad engine and transmission pushing out 175 hp. Going between land and water also seems relatively seamless; push a button on the dashboard and the wheels retract or deploy in around five seconds.

You can get this thing in five basic colors – red, yellow, blue, silver and black – and it’s going to cost a whopping $40,000 or so. Yes, that’s a lot of money, but definitely a fun playtoy for those with plenty of disposable cash. It goes on sale next month at certain dealers, which will be announced soon, and Gibbs plans to have an ambitious 20 dealerships in place within the next 12 months, plus expand into other markets (like Europe and Latin America) past 2014.

You have to give the team props. This thing looks pretty cool. Would you buy one?

Gibbs Quadski

  1. Amphibious car is very unique and high-tech. I hope this car will be available in the market despite being expensive. I go for the red one.

  2. Hell yeah I’m going to buy one. Over the next 7 years it will save me $35,000 in road and bridge tolls. I’d be stupid not to buy one. I commute across Sten Island to Fort Hamilton in Bay Ridge Brooklynv from NJ 4 days a week. I pay $5,000/year in tolls. The Quadski will pay for itself in 6 months.

  3. The typos in my previous comment are a bit embarrassing. My commute is from NJ to Brooklyn, NY, and the Quadski will pay for itself in 8 years at $5000 per year. I’m hoping Gibbs can cut me a deal to promote the Quadski as an alternative mode of transportation for tens of thousands of folks who utilize the same route as I do to commute to NYC from central NJ. How cool would that be; seeing hundreds, or thousands of Quadskis crossing the lower New York harbor every morning and afternoon?

    1. That’s a good idea Kevin, it would be good to contact a Quadski PR rep to talk about something like that.

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