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The summer road trip is a quintessential part of American culture. Be it a family vacation or romantic getaway, we have been seeking the other side of the horizon since the time of the Model T. With longer days and warmer temps, there are plenty of places to go and things to see across this great country.

A recent AAA Travel survey finds nearly 100 million Americans – four in 10 U.S. adults – are planning a family vacation this year. With regard to summer road trips specifically, two-thirds of all travelers (68 percent) say they will embark on a summer getaway.

If only it wasn’t so stressful to plan and pack everything.

Simple But Comprehensive

Detroit auto journalist and Managing Editor Carl Anthony brings you and your family this brief but comprehensive guide. Anthony, an advocate for responsible driving, worked with top safety experts in the field, from state law enforcement agencies to national organizations. As a former dealership service manager, Anthony understands the importance of readying your car for the miles ahead, especially in the hot summer sun.

Preparing For Your Summer Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide consists of three essential parts: getting your vehicle ready, what to pack, and how to stay safe while driving. You and your family will have a comprehensive checklist to take your mechanic before you leave; know what to put in your emergency kit, including something we too often overlook; and the best times of the week to drive. Anthony also provides safe driving tips and advice on how to prevent your car from being stolen on your trip. Each section is summarized at the end with easy-to-remember bullet points.

Valuable Insights & Data

Featured experts include representatives from the California Highway Patrol, National Safety Council, REAL Volkswagen Parts, The Law Offices of Siegfried & Jensen, and YourMechanic. Supplemental data is either provided by or sourced from AAA, Avvo, Esurance, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Insurance Crime Bureau, and the National Sleep Foundation.


Preparing For Your Summer Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide is available in Kindle format for only $0.99 on Amazon. However, for a limited time, the guide is available for a free download! Just click on this link or  fill out the form below and we’ll send you the eBook for free!