Escort Promises Improved Range With New MAX 360c MKII Radar Detector

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Escort Radar has launched the new MAX 360c MKII radar detector, a successor to the brand’s top-selling MAX 360c. According to Escort, the MAX 360c MKII offers faster response times, better false alert filtering, and a 50 percent improvement in detection range versus the MAX 360c. The MKII is the latest in Escort’s MAX lineup, which includes the entry-level 3, the standard MAX 360, and the longer-range Redline. 

“The original MAX 360c set a new standard for radar detectors when it launched five years ago – which is why it quickly became one of our top-selling products,” said Gail Babitt, CEO of Escort’s parent company, Cedar Electronics. “As technology has evolved, our U.S. engineering team leveraged and improved upon all the features that made the MAX 360c so successful.” 

Key Features & Updates

The MKII has redesigned internal hardware, an upgraded dual-antenna platform, and a new Blackfin DSP chip for faster signal processing. Escort said the MKII offers connected car compatibility with dual-band Wi-Fi and GPS-based auto-learning technology. Additionally, Escort said customers can expect a “dramatically quieter ride” as the MKII provides better false alert filtering from common radar sources like blind-spot monitoring. “The new MAX 360c MKII has been completely reengineered to improve performance so that drivers can feel confident about reaching their destination quickly – and safely,” Babitt added. 

Escort MAX 360c MKII radar and laser detector.
Escort MAX 360c MKII radar and laser detector.

Pricing & Availability

The MAX 360c MKII radar detector is available through Amazon and Escort’s official website for $699.95. Other Escort products like the ZR5/ZW5 laser shifters and M2 dash camera are compatible with the MKII.