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Clean Trail Grant Program Advocates Conservation, Benefits Off-Road Clubs

Off-road going types really enjoy the great outdoors. Many of the Jeep enthusiasts I know can’t wait to get out of the office on a Friday afternoon. They have pictures of Moab on their desktop or a Wrangler poster in their cubicle; they even have a Jeep hat or coat draped over their chair. Our friends at ExtremeTerrain are like this – they eat, sleep, and breath the off-road lifestyle, so much so, they turned their passion into a profession. Over the years, we have gotten to know the team at ExtremeTerrain by working with them in various capacities during that time.

The Pennsylvania company provides aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts for the off-road enthusiast. While Jeep parts and accessories are their passion, so is the conservation and protection of our nation’s great trails.

Restoration & Improvement

ExtremeTerrain is accepting applications for their Clean Trail Grant Program, an initiative advocating the responsible use of recreational trails. The Clean Trail Grant Program provides eligible groups the opportunity to have their next trail improvement project funded, be it clean up, restoration, or expansion. To date, ExtremeTerrain has approved over 22 grants for trail improvement projects, totaling nearly $10,000. This year, an additional 10 grants have been approved with more expected.

Eligibility & Requirements

Various Wrangler outfits, 4×4 groups, and Off-Highway Vehicle Organizations (OHV) are eligible, provided five or more members are currently active. Publicly and privately owned off-road trails are eligible to apply as well. The Clean Trail Grant money can be used for purchasing the tools associated with trail cleaning, restoration, and expansion; promotional materials to recruit volunteers, food for said volunteers, and to cover other miscellaneous expenses.

“We you can get the tools you need to clean, restore, or expand your local trails, helping to maintain the trail system and improve it for future off-roaders,” reads a statement from ExtremeTerrain.

Recent Clean Trail Grant winners and participants include The OffRoad Misfits, Onslow County North Carolina Boy Scouts, Dauntless Jeepers, and the Kentucky Off-Roaders. The grant money for these individual entities was used for a range of things, from dumpster rental and cleaning supplies, to purchasing a camera to catch litter bugs in the act. Along with the grant money, industrial strength trash bags for garbage and debris removal were provided.

Those interested in applying can do so by filling out a brief questionnaire. The Clean Trail Grant Program was established in 2015.

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. 

Cover Photo: FCA US LLC.