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Your Air Freshener Is Probably Toxic: Replace It With This Instead

What do dangling pines, hula dancers, and those little plastic containers of scented goop have in common? They are the air fresheners we commonly put in our vehicle. Maybe it’s to get rid of the fast-food stench, or get that “new car smell” back. Perhaps it’s to impress a date or a client. Whatever the reason, we have purchased these traditional air fresheners for years, but is that still the best option today?

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by DYMND Auto Scents. The company makes premium, non-toxic scent bars for your car which you can order directly from their website. DYMND Auto Scents can be refilled each month, unlike traditional air fresheners. For more information on our policies regarding sponsored articles, please review our advertising guidelines

Are Air Fresheners Toxic?

We looked at top-selling brands of air fresheners on Amazon and noticed a trend: many brands do not disclose what their products contain. Only a few had disclaimers about prolonged exposure causing dizziness, irritation, or headaches. One product even warned that prolonged exposure could cause myocardial irritability.

Why the lack of disclosure? Perhaps it’s because traditional air freshers and deodorizers contain Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. These synthetic chemicals can remain inside your vehicle unknowingly as they eventually turn to vapors or gases at room temperature. Drivers may be unaware of the risk, especially if the climate control system is set to around 70 degrees. 

“The truth is, our cars are our second home in most cases,” explained Arno Tsaturyan, Founder of DYMND Auto Scents. “With our busy lives today, people don’t have time to research and think about their car scent quality and how it’s made and put together.”

Limit Exposure In Your Car

The Environmental Protection Agency notes that exposure to VOCs can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, along with headaches. “I have always heard from friends and others that most scents tend to be too strong,” Tsaturyan added. “Those scents almost always cause headaches and nausea.”

Prolonged exposure to VOCs is suspected or known to cause cancer in humans, as well as liver, kidney, and central nervous system damage. Those with asthma or young children are advised to avoid exposure whenever possible. The concern is breathing in a traditional air fresher in an enclosed space, like a car, day after day. According to a study from INRIX, the average U.S. driver spent nearly 100 hours in traffic in 2018. 

“Living in Southern California, I’ve spent hours in traffic, and I know that can take a toll on people,” Tsaturyan said. “My ultimate goal is to take an overlooked aspect of our everyday life, as an air freshener, and make it better.”

Your air freshener is probably toxic. Replace it with one from DYMND Auto Scents, which are made from essential oils.
Photo: DYMND Auto Scents.

DYMND Auto Scents Are Non-Toxic

Different than traditional manufacturers, DYMND creates non-toxic car air fresheners. Their fragrances are not made from chemicals but rather essential oils. DYMND scents come on a small and durable mount, cast from a precision cut metal block – the mount, which has a 100 percent cotton top, clips to the air vent.   

“You get your fragrance when there is airflow, unlike other air fresheners with toxic chemicals that are just hanging in your car,” Tsaturyan explained. “Our scents are made to release just the right amount of fragrance to make it pleasing and enjoyable.” 

What Scents Can You Order?

DYMND offers two scents currently. Subtle Waves, which contains a top-tone of blackcurrant with a mid-tone of freesia and pineapple; and Sweet Memories, which features a top-tone of orange lemon with a mid-tone of orchid and sandalwood. 

“Subtle Waves delivers a delicate, crisp, and refreshing aroma,” Tsaturyan said. “Sweet Memories offers a more warm and inviting citrus fragrance.” 

Three new essential oil scents are expected in the near future. “They will be for motion sickness, energy and alertness, and a floral fragrance if you are looking for something sweet,” Tsaturyan added.

Your air freshener is probably toxic. Replace it with one from DYMND Auto Scents, which are made from essential oils.
DYMND scents come on a small and durable mount, cast from a precision cut metal block. Each scent is non-toxic and derived from essential oils. Photo: DYMND Auto Scents.

How To Order DYMND Auto Scents

DYMND Auto Scents has a unique subscription model that allows you to refill your current scent, or have a different one sent to you each month. You can sign up, manage your online portal, and order scents each month from your smartphone. The cost is only $5.00 per month, less than the average package of air fresheners, and shipping is free. 

“We are focused on a simple design, non-toxic materials, and the convenience of a subscription,” Tsaturyan said. “Our scents last 30 to 40 days on average, just enough for your next scent bar to arrive.”