Eighth Day of Car Gifts: Mopar ‘70 Cuda B5 Wall Shelf

Custom 1970 Cuda B5 wall shelf

Mopar fans love their 1960s muscle cars, and for good reason. HEMI engine power, the Plymouth Superbird and a long range of vehicle nameplates continue to be celebrated in the modern Chrysler Group. The is also rumours that the Cuda name will return in the future as an addition to Chrysler’s SRT line.

Originally known as the Barracuda but shortened in reaction to endearing fandom who nicknamed the Plymouth product as the ‘Cuda. One of the more emotionally influencing muscle cars created by Chrysler, the Plymouth Cuba remains a popular vehicle even as the car division building the car was closed over than a dozen years ago. Part of the authentic Mopar gear collection and number eight in the Twelve Days of Car Gifts, a decorative piece provides fans of the Cuba with a way to express your fondness for the 1960s to 1970s performance vehicle.

Resembling the front end of a 1970 Plymouth Cuba, a stylish bookshelf can be perfect for basements, garages as well as family or bedrooms (sometimes contingent on a tolerant significant other). Blue in appearance in accordance to the original B5 coded muscle car, the ‘70 Cuda B5 Wall Shelf measures 19-inch by 6-inch by 6-inch in overall dimensions. The glass shelving base is mounted securely over the hood area of the ‘70 Cuda B5 Wall Shelf. Books, collectibles or anything else appropriate that a Mopar fan can think of can be displayed on the interesting muscle car themed book shelf.

The front-end piece of the ‘70 Cuda B5 Wall Shelf contains a great attention to detail with realistic grille work and hood scoops. The most illuminating features on the ‘70 Cuda B5 Wall Shelf are obviously the headlights. Both circular headlights are lit by LEDs providing brightness in an energy efficient manner.

Retailing for $89.95 at the Wear Mopar website, the ‘70 Cuda B5 Wall Shelf can currently be ordered with free freight if purchased ahead of December 31st. The ‘70 Cuda B5 Wall Shelf is part of a wide range of merchandise designed paying tribute to Chrysler performance. Examples of other items include a bar stool, decanter set and a gumball machine all themed on Mopar performance.

Information and photo source: Chrysler Group

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