The Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid Concept Car Exposed

Even in the least positive times, an auto show and the creations inhabiting the festivity can indulge us with optimism for what the future. Through complexities occurring on Japan after the earthquake and tsunami has left only a bleak present state for Toyota automobile production. A much needed treat to a forward look, the Japanese auto company’s Lexus brand is putting on a brave face revealing the latest merger of luxury and performance. Presented with teaser images last week on, the Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid is presented in full glory in time for its world debut at the 2011 New York International Auto Show.

Expected to project a strong representation for what the upcoming Lexus GS sedan, the 192.5 inch long and 73.6 inch wide LF-Gh design concept overcomes the mundane image of current model vehicle. Allowed to break loose with “a clean sheet of paper“, Lexus Design Division of Toyota implants their impression of the future premium sports sedan in every line carved on the LF-Gh Hybrid. Enacting some sportier styling traits derived from the Lexus IS production model, the concept sedan is realized first for an intimidating front end where Lexus design DNA is given a sharper intent. The side profile of the Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid concept is graceful yet shaping allows emphasis on the sport sedan’s wheels. Chrome-plated 20-inch wheels, the performance rims relays the LF-Gh Hybrid’s aggressive desires with class.

The center grille is placed inside an X-like contour with an illuminated Lexus badge glowing blue for added presentation. Shining bright with LED lighting, headlamps, taillights and fog lights also casts a battle against darkness while using the minimum amount of energy. The Lexus LF-Gh’s daytime running lights and taillights artistically incorporate the letter ‘L’ within the LED flow.

Inside, the Lexus concept car shows off a sedan-like cabin consisting on high-quality leather. A perfect grand touring landscape, the LF-Gh Hybrid’s interior supplies the driver with the richest experience. Meter panel instruments are clearly viewed by the motorist with the promise of intuitive operability. The addition of an analog timepiece is shown off in a regal 3-D display.

Composed as a rear-wheel drive sport sedan concept, the Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid accomplished performance look is to be accompanied by a significant powertrain. A rolling concept car, specific information on propulsion has been revealed in relations to the Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid only to affirm it optimizes a gasoline-electric powertrain. There would likely be few complaints if the current GS 450h’s 3.5 liter gasoline engine with two electric motors setup were maintained on an upcoming production model. It would make the premium sport sedan even more presentable if Lexus improves on the 340 horsepower performance of the 2011 GS 450h.

A hot-selling luxury car brand in the United States, the concept car’s uncovering at the New York International Auto Show is not a surprise. Besides the production interruption of vehicle manufacturing in Japan, Lexus’ first quarter of 2011 is particularly tough on the division in United States sales. As of the end of March, Lexus is trailing competitors Cadillac and Infiniti in overall vehicle sales for the first 3 months of 2011. An ever-evolving premium sedan segment, recent entrants such as the Hyundai Genesis as well as the redesigned BMW 5 Series have upped the stakes in the vehicle category. Targeted as a mid-level sport sedan, the Lexus LF-Gh Hybrid hints to being a great equalizer in the making.

Information and photo source: Toyota Motor Sales USA

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