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Well, I guess we know just how far out you can take Fiat’s modernized 500 mini car. And Italian tuner outfit by the name of Romeo Ferraris has made a track special version of the little guy that puts out 360 horsepower. Which, given the 500’s size and weight, has to be a hell of a handful when you mash the right hand peddle.

The Fiat 500 has already had some pretty interesting versions once it fell into the hands of tuners. There’s been the Abarth tweaked models, and the 695 Tributo Ferrari is certainly lust-worthy, and the same goes for the R3T rally version of the 500, but the Romeo Ferraris 500 is seriously beyond the pale.

No, the car you see here is not another collaboration between Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Ferrari of formula one fame. No this latest Cinquecento is the creation of an independent racing garage named Romeo Ferraris.

Romeo Ferraris has rebodied the 500 in carbon fiber, which is what you would expect for any serious performance car in 2009. They also attached a ridiculously large wing off the back of the Cinquecento. It’s easy to blow that off (on a bunch of grounds), but then you recall the horsepower figures, and you think it might be a sensible idea.

Speaking of the power output from this particular 500, keep in mind that Romeo Ferraris is getting 360 horsepower from 1.4-liter turbo four fours cylinder. That’s a specific power output of more than 257 horsepower per liter, which comes pretty close to that Cinquecento at this year’s SEMA that someone stuffed a 427 V8 into

The Romeo Ferraris Cinquecento make its debut at the upcoming 6 Hours of Vallelunga endurance race on November 22 with drivers Aldo Cerruti, Michela Cerruti and Mario Ferraris taking turns behind the wheel.

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