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We are currently not accepting applications for new contributors to Automoblog. Our current team is rocking it. If you feel like you’re an exception for some reason or need to get in contact with us for a different reason, please use our contact page. I’ll keep the information listed below for reference, or for when we open back up submissions in the future. Thank you.

Note: this page is only for those looking to be a regular contributor/writer/editor for Automoblog.net. This is NOT a page to send us your “great idea for content collaboration”. Please use the advertising page for that, and the contact page for everything else. If your’e interested in actually writing for us, welcome. Please read on.

Ever wanted to get your opinions and ideas about cars out for the world to see? Here at Automoblog.net, we’re always looking for new contributors and car enthusiasts to add to our team of gearheads.

Never written an article for a publication before? No worries – we’re looking for real car enthusiasts wanting to get their opinions out for the world to read. As long as you can write well and truly love cars, there’s a good chance we’ll welcome you to the team.

Here’s what you’re looking for. Please verify in your message that you understand what we’re trying to do here:

  • An interesting, entertaining voice. No robotic journalism.
  • Strong opinions and a casual writing tone (like you’re chatting with a friend.)
  • Someone that keeps up on car news and interesting/funny auto-related stuff daily

Interested? Fill out some basic information below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please Note:

We do not accept guest posts for commercial purposes. All content written on Automoblog.net is written by us or a guest post contributor (from another car blog, not a company.) Go to our Advertising page if you’d like to talk about sponsorship.