Blandford Camp August 27, 1949
A parade of cars at Blandford with the Jaguar XK120 HKV 500 (670001) which Peter Walker had raced to 2nd place in the One Hour Production Car Race at Silverstone a week earlier, still bearing its crumpled front wing. Blandford was an army camp in Dorset that hosted motor racing in 1949–1950, but a series of incidents and two fatal accidents ended its brief flirtation with speed. At the inaugural meeting on August 27, Gordon Wood crashed his BMW, receiving fatal head injuries, a car landed on the roof of one the army huts, and Jack Fairman broke his arm in a collision with another competitor. Then in 1950, well-known hill climb racer and innovative engineer Joe Fry was killed on the nearby hill climb course and that was the end of car racing here, although the motorbikes that had first used the circuit in 1947 continued on into the early 1960s.

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