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Toyo Tires Review (2022)

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Toyo Tires Review
In Our Opinion:
Toyo Tires has established itself as a go-to manufacturer for all-terrain and mud-terrain tires while supporting sustainability in the tire industry. Its Nano Balance technology is an impressive step toward more fuel-efficient tires. We like Toyo for light truck, SUV, and crossover tires, but it may just be an average manufacturer for smaller cars.
Industry Standing:
Tire Variety:
Customer Satisfaction:
Affordable price point
Strong options for truck and SUV tires
Follows Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i) guidelines
Fewer options for day-to-day tires
Original equipment and replacement tires only come with a five-year limited warranty

Toyo tires have become a fan favorite among off-roading enthusiasts and motorsports competitors. However, the tire manufacturer offers more options than just all-terrain and mud-terrain models.

In this article, we’ll go over Toyo Tires in-depth, considering its industry reputation, costs, and popular models. Rather than focusing on one or two Toyo models, we want to give an overview of the brand as a whole. By looking at Toyo this way, you can get a better idea of the company’s pros and cons.

Our review team thoroughly researched the tire industry and ranked the best tires on the market. We recommend comparing Toyo Tires to a few other top brands to make sure you’re purchasing the right tire for your vehicle.

Toyo Tires Overview

A Japanese tire manufacturer, Toyo Tires was founded in 1945 but established itself in the U.S. in 1966. The company is currently headquartered in Cypress, California. Beyond passenger car, truck, and SUV tires, Toyo has made a name for itself in motorsport racing.

Toyo tires tend to be popular among off-road enthusiasts and harsh-weather drivers because of the brand’s exceptional traction. Toyo also pioneered its Nano Balance technology in recent years, which structures rubber materials at a molecular level for improved fuel efficiency. 

In line with its innovative tech, Toyo Tires has shifted its focus toward the future by making strides in sustainability. In 2016, the company voluntarily took part in the Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i). The initiative aims to create a “sustainable natural rubber economy that equally benefits the entire natural rubber supply chain across the economy, environment and society,” according to a Toyo Tires press release.

Toyo Tires Industry Ratings

Most consumer tires follow a grading system established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Toyo tires are no different. 

The NHTSA’s system, called Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG), evaluates non-specialty tires for their performance in three categories: traction, temperature resistance, and treadwear:

  • Traction: This grade measures how effectively your tires “grip” a wet road. Traction grades are rated highest to lowest using AA, A, B, or C. Quality passenger tires typically hold an A rating. 
  • Temperature resistance: The temperature grade measures a tire’s heat resistance. It’s rated from highest to lowest using A, B, or C. Depending on what the tire is used for, it needs to withstand higher or lower temperatures. Performance tires tend to have higher temperature ratings because they’re rotating at faster speeds. 
  • Treadwear: A treadwear grade roughly estimates your tire’s lifespan. All treadwear grades are determined by comparing a manufacturer’s tire to a control tire that has a 100 rating. For example, a tire that has a 500 treadwear rating lasts five times longer than the control. Most passenger tires fall between 300 and 500 ratings, according to 

Here are a few popular Toyo Tires products and their UTQG grades, according to

Toyo Tires Model Tire Type Treadwear Score Traction Score Temperature Resistance
Toyo Open Country AT II All-terrain
Truck and SUV
600 A A
Toyo Proxes 4 High-performance
300 AA A
Toyo Extensa HP II High-performance
500 A A
Toyo Versado Noir Standard touring
620 A A

It’s important to note that, although the NHTSA determines the grading scale, it does not actually conduct tests itself. Instead, manufacturers hire independent companies to handle their tire testing.

If you want to know more about a Toyo tire you own, you can check the tire’s sidewall for the UTQG grades.

Toyo’s Most Popular Tire Models

Toyo Tires is most popular for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. While its performance tires are still highly rated, buyers tend to go for Michelin or Pirelli models instead. Toyo tires perform well in rugged terrain and where strong traction counts the most.

Using data from TireBuyer, here are a few of Toyo’s highest-rated tires:

  • Toyo GSi5: A studless winter tire with a three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) rating
  • Toyo Celsius: A standard touring all-season tire that also has safety and grip features that are common on a winter tire
  • Toyo Open Country AT II: An all-terrain tire fitted for trucks and SUVs with an “open block tread design” for grip in mud, dirt, and snowy conditions
  • Toyo Open Country AT II Xtreme: An all-terrain tire for trucks and SUVs with a tread designed to last long, endure tough terrain, and provide enhanced grip

The Toyo tires listed above all received at least a 4.0 out of 5.0 customer review rating on TireBuyer. Toyo’s Open Country models are also highly rated throughout the tire industry.

In terms of Toyo tire warranties, its original equipment (OE) and replacement passenger and light truck tires come with a five-year limited warranty. This protects against defective workmanship and materials on Toyo tires purchased by the original owner on the vehicle they were originally installed, according to the company’s warranty manual. 

How Much Is a Set of Toyo Tires?

A set of Toyo tires is fairly affordable by industry standards. For example, the Open Country AT II ranges from about $115 to $325 per tire, depending on the size. The cheapest Toyo tire is just over $50. Some customer reviews mention Toyo’s options are recommended not only for their quality but also for their price point, especially the company’s all-terrain tires. 

The most expensive Toyo tire listed on TireBuyer, however, are some of the priciest we’ve seen. Mud-terrain tires are typically much costlier than passenger tires, but Toyo’s can cost upwards of $850 per tire, depending on the tire size, vehicle type, and tire type. 

Toyo Customer Reviews

To give you a better understanding of Toyo Tires’ day-to-day performance, we gathered a few customer reviews from TireBuyer. Toyo reviews are mostly 4.0 stars and above, but some customers mention issues with their tires’ tread life and noise on the road.

Here are a few examples of customer experiences with Toyo Tires:

Positive Experiences with Toyo Tires

“Needed some tires more suited to the terrain I’m traveling to my hiking destinations. Toyo Open Country AT III were available at a fair price in my factory size. Ordered on a weekend and received them the following Tuesday. So far, very pleased with their performance and the peace of mind I have using them.”

– Holmes via TireBuyer

“I asked my dealer to suggest [tires] that would not break the bank. He recommended the Toyo Observe GSI5… In overall performance for the winter conditions I deal with, these are the best. Especially impressive is their combination of better deep snow traction (as deep as you care to go in a midsize four-wheel-drive sedan), and extraordinarily confident dry road handling.”

– Tubasti via Tirebuyer

Negative Experiences with Toyo Tires

“Worst tire I have ever encountered on wet roadway. It will put you in some dangerous situations… Trying to make a takeoff from a stop on a wet roadway is [nearly] impossible without spinning the tires, and they will break loose in turns on wet road. I would never purchase these again, and highly recommend steering clear of these.”

– Rob via TireBuyer

“[The Toyo Proxes 4 Plus] tires were touted as being ultra-quiet and were even supposed [to] become quieter with wear, according to the sales documentation. Well, this is as far from the truth as possible. These are the noisiest tires I have ever had on a car. It sounds like I just mounted some aggressive mud tires on my Cadillac.”

– Kent M. via TireBuyer

Our Final Thoughts on Toyo Tires

We rated Toyo at 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We like its sturdy options for trucks and SUVs, especially its highly rated Open Country line. While Toyo’s passenger tires aren’t a poor choice, we think there are better options available for their average price point. Overall, Toyo is a good brand for drivers looking for heavy-duty tires. 

We also encourage you to compare Toyo with a few of our other top tire picks, especially if you have a smaller car.

Top Recommendations for Tires

If you’re looking for passenger tires and aren’t sold on Toyo, we recommend looking into Michelin and Cooper tires. These brands both ranked highly in our industry review of top tire companies.

Michelin: Best Overall

Michelin is one of our top recommended tire manufacturers due to its positive industry standing, variety of tire options, and quality product reputation. Often, a brand is known for one or two models, but Michelin tires perform well in almost every tire category. While Michelin tires sometimes cost more than competitors’ models, its long-lasting tread may be worth the investment.

Cooper: Most Affordable

Cooper tires, like Toyo tires, are on the more affordable end of the spectrum. Based on our research into the manufacturer, we gave it a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating and named it the Most Affordable tire brand of 2021. Cooper specializes in replacement tires, but does offer certain OE models for Ford, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.