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What Are the Full Glass Insurance Laws in Texas?

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There aren’t any full glass insurance laws in Texas, though drivers can get coverage as an add-on from many auto insurers. In other words, motorists across the Lone Star State need to purchase optional windshield protection if they’d like to receive zero-deductible coverage.

Our reviews team ranked the best auto insurance companies across Texas that can help you get full glass coverage for your vehicle. The easiest way to find your top option is to compare quotes from various leading providers to see which have superb car insurance policies at affordable prices.

What Is Full Glass Insurance?

Full glass insurance offers zero-deductible glass replacement for your car’s windshield and windows. The full glass insurance laws in Texas make it so that drivers must purchase the plan in addition to other types of coverage, such as comprehensive or collision insurance.

The key benefit of picking up full glass insurance for your automobile is that you won’t be required to pay a deductible when you make a glass claim. This can significantly reduce the cost of repairing a damaged windshield for drivers in the Lone Star State.

Where Is Full Glass Insurance Available?

Free and zero-deductible windshield replacement services come standard with comprehensive coverage in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • South Carolina

While the windshield replacement laws in these states are much stronger than those in Texas, you can still remove the comprehensive deductible in the Lone Star State by asking your insurance agency for full glass coverage.

Should You Get Full Glass Insurance in Texas?

Full glass coverage is the right choice for some Texas motorists, but it’s not necessary for all drivers. Comprehensive insurance policies cover windshield damage, though policyholders may be charged a sizable deductible before auto insurers pick up the tab.

To remedy this, certain providers offer full glass insurance coverage. This option lets car owners get free windshield repair or replacement services without even paying off their deductible first. Drivers get charged extra per month to receive the benefits of this add-on, though, so it’s not ideal if you’re looking for cheap auto insurance.

Who Benefits Most From Full Glass Insurance?

Those who spend time on rural Texas roads or on highways that are frequented by semitrucks may want to consider adding full glass insurance. The higher the likelihood that your windshield will be dented by a rock or another type of flying debris, the better the chance that full glass insurance is right for you.

Is Comprehensive Insurance Enough Coverage?

Comprehensive insurance will take care of windshield cracks and shatters regardless of whether you add full glass coverage. The main difference is that you’ll have to pay your share of the replacement cost, the deductible, if you only have comprehensive coverage.

The main goal of comprehensive insurance is to take care of damages beyond those from a car accident. It offers peace of mind that your car is safe from issues caused by severe weather along with instances of theft and vandalism.

Is Full Coverage Car Insurance Enough?

Full coverage auto insurance is another option that Texas drivers often opt for. That includes comprehensive and collision coverage on top of the liability insurance that’s required by state law. It still doesn’t offer free windshield replacements without an insurance deductible, though.

Pros and Cons of Full Glass Insurance

Below, we’ll run through a few reasons why Texas drivers may want to add or avoid full glass insurance coverage.

Pro: You’ll Pay No Deductible

Many drivers have pretty steep deductibles for their comprehensive coverage plans, which typically include auto glass repair and replacement services. This means that you could end up being charged a significant amount of money if you’ve got auto glass that needs to be fixed.

If you add full glass coverage to your auto insurance policy, it’s likely that you can keep your high deductible for comprehensive coverage while paying nothing out of pocket for windshield repairs. Note that windshield damages are one of the most common items fixed when using comprehensive coverage.

Con: You’ll Get Charged More Every Month

The full glass insurance laws in Texas make it an optional coverage that has the potential to drive up your auto insurance premiums. Considering that you may never need to file an insurance claim, there’s a chance that you’ll end up paying for an unnecessary service.

On the other hand, you may use full glass insurance in Texas after all. In that case, you could receive a high-quality type of glass such as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version. Read car insurance disclaimers to make sure that this is possible, though.

Our Recommendations for Auto Insurance

Regardless of whether the full glass insurance laws in Texas make you more or less likely to pay extra for your windshield, you’ll still need car coverage. One of the best ways to find affordable prices is by getting multiple auto insurance quotes and looking at which ones suit your needs.

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GEICO: Best Overall

Auto insurance policies from GEICO are often excellent for motorists in the Lone Star State. The company’s coverages can take care of medical expenses, emergency roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. GEICO is also known for the reasonable monthly premiums given out to most Texas drivers.

USAA: Best Military Provider 

If you’re a military member, a veteran or related to one, USAA is definitely worth a close look. The San Antonio-based provider has exceptional customer service and its prices are typically some of the lowest on the market as well.

State Farm: Best Student Discounts

State Farm is known for the accessibility of its insurance agents along with for its various savings opportunities given to young and teen drivers. Expect to save money if you’re a student who left your car at home, if you’re a young driver who’s gone through driver’s education courses or if you maintain good grades and strong driving habits.

Texas Full Glass Insurance Laws: FAQ

Is a cracked windshield illegal in Texas?

While Texas has few regulations against driving with a broken windshield, you must follow federal guidelines. The U.S. government requires that drivers repair or replace windshields with cracks in the center region or any cracks that connect with spidering or other glass chips.

Will my car pass a Texas inspection with a cracked windshield?

Vehicles will likely pass the mandatory inspection in Texas if the cracks on the windshield don’t prevent windshield wipers from working. This doesn’t mean that it’s actually legal to drive around with a seriously cracked windshield, though.

Will my insurance rate go up if I make a windshield claim?

Insurance premiums generally don’t increase when you make a windshield claim. That’s because windshields are usually covered under comprehensive insurance, which will take care of most glass damages that aren’t caused by collisions.

Does Texas waive deductible for windshield replacement?

Texas does not have a rule that waives glass deductibles for windshield repairs or replacement. Most comprehensive insurance policies include coverage for windshield damages, but you’ll still need to pay your full deductible at the repair shop unless you get full glass insurance.