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Why The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is FWD

The Nissan GT-R LM NISMO is the first front-wheel drive car to take on Le Mans in the LM P1 category.

It seems different and maybe even a little far fetched but it’s not the first time Nissan has taken this approach in their racing heritage.

In the video provided by NISMO University, we see the science and thought process behind why Nissan feels a front wheel drive racer is more capable on the track.  Nissan is also borrowing from their smaller, front wheel drive sedans, common on the road today.

They say a certain level of efficiency from their production cars transitions over to the race track for the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO.

What do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?

YouTube video

  1. It makes sense that there are arguments for both FWD and RWD. I can see FWD being preferred because you tend to have better control in handling, and maybe RWD has more power because that tends to be where the more weight of the car is. I personally put handling over acceleration and power, but I think in either case you can have a solid race car so long as you take care of it.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and read the article. I can see both sides of the argument too. Thank you again for reading.

  2. I don’t understand how are they claiming much better efficiency over here. It is totally required but how is still unexplainable.

    Would have loved much better coverage on the same guys.

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