What Makes Supercars Super

What Makes Supercars Super: The Dream

Recently, we launched our new series What Makes Supercars Super. The first episode follows one Mike Berman, owner of the The Yellow Compass Group, a boutique Ferrari dealership. Automoblog Host Gino D’Orazio introduces us to Berman and takes us through his dealership.

We see a showroom full of classic and unique Ferrari cars and why each one is so memorable and iconic to both Berman and his customers.

Our second installment entitled The Dream builds from the themes of the first episode. From behind the wheel of his BMW, D’Orazio conveys a passion only the truest car enthusiasts will understand. The Dream shows us how supercars bring out our deepest emotions and often leave us speechless. We have set out to determine just what makes supercars super. Indeed, there are probably a thousand answers, but discovering each of them is part of the thrill.



The supercar represents something different to all of us, each one has its own story, its own personality, and we connect with them like they’re real human beings.

The supercar pulls our heartstrings like a little else can. It takes understanding and connection to really grasp this sort of thing and to most people, you sound insane when you talk about… the feeling of a car, or what a certain car projects to you, what you feel about it.

But trying to justify these works of art is completely pointless to me. To us, supercars are more than cars; they are more than just pieces of machinery that gets you from A to B.

These cars are really an extension of ourselves, whether if you’ve dreamt of one or if you even own one… you project yourself onto these cars; they become a piece of you.

Regardless of what model it is, what year it is, what brand it is, there is a reason that it exists in your heart and in your mind.

It could be the gorgeous lines of the car, how it’s proportioned, the styling of the car…it could be the history of the brand, it could be what that specific model means to the brand, it could be the spirit of the thing, or just the performance in it of itself.

I went to one of those open track experiences and I drove Ferrari F430 and that was… it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life and since that day, even though it might not be the most beautiful Ferrari, it might not be the most desirable supercar even by today’s standards, I decided that day, that I would not die without owning one

A supercar is a childhood dream, a pinnacle, a symbol of the best.

A supercar is an awe-inspiring piece of mobile art, and that’s what makes a supercar super to me.