Sponsored Video: What David REALLY Saw

What David Really Saw

Remember that viral video a while back called “David After Dentist” where the kid in the backseat is all hopped up on sedatives from the dentist and doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not? Pretty funny stuff.

There’s been loads of spin-off videos and parodies of it done, some of which are ridiculous and some hilarious. After all, the original video did end up getting over 126 million freaking views so far.

When Bosch announced they made their own parody video of David’s little adventure through his own mind, I expected to see a super cheesy commercial about Bosch’s new Aerotwin Plus wiper blades saving the day or something, and while it is a tad cheesy, it’s quite hilarious as well.

Give the video a look-see:

Seems about right…so it turns out David’s not confused by the medicine, but because the clear view through the windscreen and the weird and awesome things happening outside and the father just doesn’t get it. Now it all makes sense.

So the gist is, Bosch’s new Aerotwin with Power Protection Plus have a new adapter system combining 15 wiper lengths and 4 adapters. Each wiper blade fits 10 different wiper arms – 6 more than any existing multi-clip system on the market now. What’s that mean? Basically, no more worrying about which adapters to get, and it’s easy to swap out blades.

There’s an instructional video here to show you the process.

As the name would suggest, they’ve also added an aerodynamic bit. No, they won’t make your car go faster, but they push the blade harder into the windshield to make for a more even and thorough coverage. Trust me, it matters.

Check out Bosch’s Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channels for more info.

What did you think of the video? Cheesy, funny, or both?

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