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Winter is Here: Do These 5 Things for  Your Car.   

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Change The Oil & Filter 

Our advice is to run a full synthetic to protect your engine as the temperatures drop. Synthetic oil does a better job of keeping your engine clean and free from the deposits and sludge that hinder performance and efficiency. 


Check Your Battery 

Given the longer shelf life of car batteries, they tend to fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category. In other words, you never realize you need a battery until your car refuses to start. And, of course, this always happens at the most inconvenient times.


Change Your Air Filter 

Remove your air filter for a quick visual check. They turn darker over time as they catch dust, dirt, and debris. While discoloration is typical on an air filter, if it looks excessive, go ahead and replace it.


Check Drive Belts

Do a visual check by taking a flashlight and looking at the belt’s underside (the side with the grooves). If your belt has a significant number of cracks or appears “brittle,” consider a new one. If you hear a squealing noise under the hood, a bad serpentine belt is probably to blame.  


Change Old Wiper Blades

Bad wipers will give themselves away by the streaks they leave on your windshield. A high-quality set of blades will help you see when it starts snowing. And don't forget an extra jug of washer fluid! 


Even if I change all of the items on this list, should I still see a mechanic? 


Experienced technicians can look for other, not so obvious problems that are important to address.


What is the best way to maintain my vehicle?


The best way to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition is to follow the recommended maintenance schedule in your owner's manual. If you hear odd noises, see a greasy puddle under your vehicle, or if your car just isn't "driving right," call your mechanic or service advisor. 

What should I put in a Winter Emergency Kit?


• Flashlight • Jumper cables • Salt or kitty litter • Small shovel or scraper • Flares or glow sticks • Matches or lighter • Food and Water • Medication • Extra set of clothing • Spare blankets • Extra cell phone

Safe Travels!