Was “The 4th” With You?

Just in case your senses weren’t strong enough, and you didn’t realize yesterday was Star Wars day, don’t worry!  I can provide your far…far away fix today!  Let’s all just take a moment and enjoy the best “Fan Boy” modified cars.

star wars celica 1

First of all I bet you didn’t know that there was an official Star Wars Celica!  The limited edition model had a moon roof, tinted windows, chrome wheels, and a special edition paint job that featured black chrome.  The car was a one off deal given away in a sweepstakes.


Unfortunately the car was actually lost, and even Lucas Arts put a post in their blog urging people to hunt it down!  They probably should have thought of this possibility before forgetting to record the name of awarding dealership, the name of the winner, or the cars VIN number.  So if you have seen this car, alert Lord Vader!  He has already sent the troops out in search of this lost treasure.  It looks as if TK – 421 is not at his post though.  If you understood that joke you are truly a Fan Boy.

On a less serious note, we have some eye candy for you obviously.  Here is a Lotus Exige road fighter upgraded with all the latest features from a Jedi star fighter for the road!

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Of course you will be laughed at endlessly for driving this around…obviously!  I mean look, it’s an automatic!


Of course I also had to hunt down the best van mural I could find.  Check out this 6-wheeler van!  Now that is what I call a shaggin’ wagon!  Comes complete with your own Wookie sidekick and miles of shag-pile carpet (I suspect).

star wars van

I also found a drive-able landspeeder, with the exact body specifications of Luke Skywalker’s ride from Episode IV.  There is a slight difference however, it sits on three wheels, and those aren’t working jet engines.  Guess they didn’t have the budget to actually make it hover above the ground either.

star wars landspeederIt has a fiberglass body built onto an aluminum frame, and has an electric drive that takes it up to a blistering 25 mph!  I’m not really sure what the purpose is, other than to have an “orgeeksm”, because as the Reliant Robin showed us, this three wheel tripod setup is not optimal for cornering.

DSC 0257

Also if you were ever curious as to what Anikan Skywalker’s real life ride of choice is… it’s an Audi R8 V10!  A blacked out Lamborghini Aventador would be more suiting, don’t you think?

 Hayden+Christensen+Filling+Up+Audi+R8+J 80v A9Ybil

If you guys have found any other Star Wars rides, send them in or post them to our Twitter or Facebook pages!