VW’s New Jetta Order for 2011

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Raking awards with the retooled Golf, the German automotive giant Volkswagen attention is now focused on the redesign of their volume-leading Jetta. For the 2011 model year, the 31-year old nameplate will be worn on a bigger and more mature example of the German compact car.

With more than the North American market at stake, the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta returns embodied in handsome new sheetmetal. Described as echoing Volkswagen’s new ‘Design DNA’, it is a relief that styling cues of the attractive new Golf and the CC sport sedan. Extended by 3.5 inches, the 2011 Jetta’s longer overall length is slightly enhanced by shaving 0.3 inches off the previous Jetta’s height. While a smart, up-town look, the Jetta’s side surface features to mimic the fender bulges and contours of another German car. Can you notice some passing resemblance to the BMW 5 Series?

Abandoning the center-situated grille treatment which made VW look more like a washed-out Audi, the Jetta receives a sportier horizontally sweeping grille. A trait shown on with the Golf styling, the blacked-out grille treatment compliments the edgier clear-covered trapezoidal headlamps.

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Incorporating the exterior dimension provides comfortable gains within the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta sedan’s cabin. Spacious five-passenger seating swells legroom by 2.6 inches over the outgoing model. Inside, the redesigned interior tightens the aspects of the previous mode’s cabin. Controls and instruments are said to be intuitive and well-arranged. Drivers of the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta will feel it the most as the steering wheel and the gear selector lever have been given particular attention.

Powerplants choices for the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta consists of a quartet of engines with three being gasoline-fueled and one being the envied TDI. Starting with the normally-aspirated 2-liter engine, a turbocharged version called the 2.0 TSI will also be available on the 2011 Jetta before upgrading to the largest of the gasoline engines, a 2.5-liter five-cylinder. Last, but definitely not least, is the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta’s 2-liter TDI Clean Diesel. All engines can be order with either a manual or automatic transmission with a dual-clutch 6-speed manual also available for the 2-liter gasoline engines.

The Jetta GLI trim model returns for 2011 after a one-year absence. It seems reasonable to believe that the GLI-equipped Jettas will be married to the 2.0 liter TSI engine along with the typical ornamental and functional sport enhancements.

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Though the outgoing model is regarded as a high-favourable compact sedan, the 2005-2010 Volkswagen Jetta endured a ride unlike the smooth stretches of the Autobahn. When introduced, the more sophisticated Jetta engineering drove the price tag away from the comfort zone of more frugal Volkswagen owner in some countries including Canada. To remedy this situation, Canadian Volkswagen dealers continued to sell the 4th generation Jetta under the definition of City Jetta. In 2008, the popular Volkswagen Jetta’s TDI engine was also a casualty of tightening state emission laws on some region. Thankfully, the 2009 Jetta TDI Clean Diesel brought the idolized fuel economy back to the North American fold.

With the 2011 Volkswagen Jetta proclaimed the one and only Jetta in North America when the new German sedan lands in October, pricing is said to run near $16,000 U.S. on the base end. Under-cutting their previous Jetta by almost two thousand dollars, Volkswagen appears competitive in introducing their European automotive flavour against the American Ford Focus and the Japanese Honda Accord.

Information and Photo Source: Volkswagen

  1. I’m anxious to see how this drive because they are going back to a torsion beam suspension. hopefully it won’t change the character of the car too badly.

  2. My 2009 Jetta TDI lemon is hopefully en route to a buy-back. I would NEVER suggest anyone buy a VW. What a waste of money.

    1. stop with the anti volkswagen bashing every brand has lemons including toyota i can tell you horror stories about that and so does nissan so stop the b ll . my family all have volkswagens and never had a problem with lemons . we have a 10 year old golf and it has 145k with the original clutch my sister has a jetta ith 110k no problems and we have a old tdi with 285k still running strong we went to drive a accord and cant not compare to the passat not even close

      1. I am very interested in a TDI (car guy), you seem to be well knowledged in VWs. I have been reading alot about people with 09-2010 models having problems in the TDI's cause of all the new Government Regulatory stuff installed in vehicles. Has VW worked out all these bugs are is it still an ongoing problem? If not I may purchse a barely used other model TDI before all the changes. Please let me know anyone if you have knowledge of this,

      2. I personally know the headaches of owning VW's. One an 85 GTI purchased new (a lemon) and an 1999 Jetta ( a bigger lemon than my GTI and I purchased the Jetta new too.) I know many people who've owned VW's, Passats, Jettas, Golfs, vans, even 70's and 80's era Rabbits. They vowed that they'd never own a VW again.

  3. Okay, so you can rack up 100K+ miles on your VW. This feat can be accomplished if you plan on bleeding your bank account dry, having your VW sit in a repair bay for lengthy, frequent stints and you're not concerned about your VW's inferior electrical system causing your vehicle to spontaneously combust. Just do a simple goole search on lemon VW's and such and you'll be in awe over the plethora of angry VW owners trying to get VW to make good on their inferior products. I knew a guy who owned a Yugo GV that he swore was top notch engineering. The sh-tty Yugo always had it's paper thin hood opened every weekend while my old buddy was spending the better part of the day fixing something that went kurput! The Yugo was dead at 70K, and my old friend still swore it was a great car. My old friend passed away two years ago at 88, and he never had an unkind thing to say about that sh-tty Yugo. This is the same diehard love affair that VW fans have with their cars, even though VW's are, for the most part, sh-tty vehicles diehard fans will never admit that those beloved vehicles are inferior. The only way that I'll give kudos to Volkswagen in terms of durability and reliability is that their old air-cooled vehicles were simple, reliable, tough, extremely crude, well built and lasted forever. When VW got into the electronic fuel injection era in the late 70's that's when their vehicles began sprouting lemons. As their vehicles became more complicated and VW outsourced more, cost cutting and greater corporate greed led to a mecca of problem plagued vehicles in engineering, build quality and materials. If you dream of owning a new VW, save your sanity and buy Japanese, Korean or American. VW's may "drive like a dream" during a test drive, but after a wee bit of time owning one you'll surly begin to experience buyers remorse. Believe me I know the headaches. I was stupid enough to purchase another VW, a Jetta, in 1999 after an unhappy marriage with my bitchy 85 GTI!

  4. My fist VW was a 84 jetta diesel, second was a 95 gasser, then 93 Golf turbo diesel and since new my 2005 Jetta TDI before they ruined it and made it look like a Corolla, and they are going to ruin it again for 2011 by making it look like a base Lancer. I have all the emmissions crap removed and the mileage is never as low as what was claimed and I do a constant 75mph for my commute. I love this car and I will drive it till the doors fall off.

  5. I have owned a 2001 gti vr6, 99 jetta tdi, and a 2007 gli… No problems on any of them… Now I own a 2010 touareg, at 36 k… Zero problems…

    Every auto maker has lemons…

    Being a devout BMW and VW owner since I was 20, I would never stray from these two products. – I always buy new, and always take proper care of my cars…

    Not to say there aren't lemons out there, but I am 100% happy, and actually know many people with similar experiences with VW!

  6. It seems most people only want to comment online when they've had bad experiences.. I guess it makes them feel better.. I like the looks of the new Jetta and couldn't be happier that they don't look like a Corolla anymore. My eleven year-old Jetta is still going strong with almost 200,000 mi and it has yet to have any mechanical problems… I'd say that's pretty good for a car that originally stickered for $19k.

  7. It's amazing how the VW bashers come out of the woodwork whenever a new model is introduced. I have purchased a bunch of them since the seventies, and the only one that had any problems was one of the early American built Rabbits to roll off of the assembly line in Pennsylvania. It had some electrical buggaboos – the main one being covered by a "silent" recall. It was still a blast to drive, and I hated to part with it. My other ones have all been perfect cars. My advice for prospective VW owners is to buy one new – not used. Secondly, since some of VW's American dealers aren't always the best in the world, check out the dealership that's selling them in your area. Ask others about their service departments. I know there are some poor ones. However, if you live in the dead center of Virginia, the dealership there is regarded as one of the best of any make of autombile in the area, and it's been that way for years and years. If you have a dealership like that, stick with it and don't go to the gas station around the corner where "there's a guy that really knows VW's" to have it serviced – not even an oil change. Follow the VW service schedule – not some trumped up one that dealers put out to "over-service" your car. You'll have an enjoyable ownership experience and road handling you can't get with any other product for the price. Sure, there may be a recall or two during the life of the car, but I don't know of any automobile that doesn't have them.

  8. Just a little update.

    Finally, after seeing one at the dealer, we've decided not to take the new Jetta anymore.

    All the bad reviews seen over the internet proved to be true… Cheapest interior, less option than 2010 (armrest is one of the issue, for example) even if you're OK going on the highline… Back suspension changed, assisted steering changed (and not in good, but in bad & cheap).

    I agree that for somebody looking just to the final price it's a good deal, but, what the hell, we where used to pay a little more for having some more quality.

    Finally we decided to have a 2010 version, one of the lasts, and we are very happy about the decision we've made.

    P.S. Just for the record, I've owned before a Rabbit 2007, new.

  9. I had a 2005 Jetta TDI. Wow what a piece of sh**! An electrical nightmare! I never owned a car that stalled as often as the Jetta. I'll tell you having visited a friend in San Francisco and my Jetta stalling on a steep hill wasn't pretty. Yes, it had to be towed. Fuel pump shorted at 47K miles. I drive a 2009 Hyundai Sonata now. It's a great car. It rides much smoother and quieter than my Jetta, and is more comfortable too.

  10. I have a 2011 Jetta S automatic sedan. It has stalled on my twice while driving. The car was still in motion. Power just died. I did not use the horn.

    1. Hi Mike, My car has been shutting down on me too. I have had it in and out of the dealership over 6 times and I bought it 8 months ago brand new. My car is a 2011 Jetta 2.0 standard. Did you ever find out what was causing this? I dont like to call it a stall, it's really more of a shutdown. No warning and yes, while the car is in motion. Please email me if you have any info or are still experiencing these problems. I would be very interested in speaking with you.

      1. Hi T,

        I've taken it to the dealership twice. They have not been able to "recreate" the stalling. I had to force them do give me a rental and have them keep the car to do a more thorough inspection than they did the first time which they spent less than two hours doing. I had appointments so I had to ask them for a rental the second time around. The still couldn't find the problem. The dealer service department told me a VW engineer was going to go out and check/service the vehicle. A lie. Then they told me the car was given a software update. A lie.

        I asked them to provide me with the software version/ID, and what fixes were in between the updates and also the engineer/tech name/ID. They didn't have this information.

        Definitely use the messaging/contact for your dealer and go to VW customer car with the same complaints. Not just complaint, but the truth. Be very firm with them. Keep a record. The online messaging is great cause you get to keep time, date, correspondence. It's hard for them to be slippery. I'm in CA so I've sent the information about "lemon law". I am requesting a replacement of my vehicle. I will let you know what results.

        6x !!! where are you located? did you get the recall letter?

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