Volkswagen BlueSport Concept

VW-Porsche-Audi To Share Eco Platform

So VW shows its BlueSport concept at the Detroit show, and gets some really good press. Shoot, who shouldn’t get good press from a mid-engined drop top that gets a purported 57 miles to the gallon? What’s to stop it from ending up in our driveways?

Of the early naysayers, most pointed to potential conflicts with the Audi TT & the Porsche Boxster (Audi’s corporate siblings).

Not so, as it turns out. The future could look very good indeed.

OK, so a negative case could be made for the BlueSport never seeing the light of production. If VW builds it, it could take away sale form the Audi TT & the Porsche Boxster. It would be as if Pontiac wanted to make a front engine V8 sports car about the size and shape of a ‘Vette. Do you think GM would go for that?

It turns out that Audi/Porsche/VW IS going to do just that, and they show why they’re both smarter and in better financial shape than GM

Audi (for now, but Porsche is reportedly on the same path) is looking at the BlueSport’s platform and basic configuration as a basis for its own, near future products. Audi’s upcoming E2 platform will be derived from the BlueSport, and is expected to use 1.2L engines in gas-fueled TSI or diesel TDI forms.

This will be the same, platform-based engineering first seen with the VW Tourareg/Audi Q7/Porsche Cayenne.

VW’s BlueSport would not affect TT or Boxster sales, since those are more upmarket (i.e. expensive). And if you like the idea of eco-conscious sports driving, but want a little more fluff than what VW will offer, then you can get move a little more upmarket and get the Audi version, or if you want even more, then you can get the Porsche variant.

Smart move guys.