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Virtually Profound: Toyota Fun-Vii Debuts at Tokyo Motor Show



The Tokyo Motor Show continuous theme of highlighting social relevance in automobiles makes the exhibition a definite anchor for motoring attention. It’s commonplace to find the most outrageous interpretations of transportation on display at the biennial event. The 2011 event is no exception as major vehicle producer Toyota leading the way. Reconstructing notions of mobile technology, the Toyota Fun-Vii concept is a three-person people mover completely consumed in the modern digital age.

A true intention of the Toyota Fun-Vii concept is to recognize how digital infotainment technology can be optimized through the motoring experience. A radical presentation inside and outside, the futuristic concept vows integrations with user lifestyles in an all-conquering way. A four-wheel transportation conveyance, the Toyota Fun-Vii is electric powered. Replenished via wireless inductive charging pads, the Fun-Vii fuelling method is absolutely not science fiction. While select General Motors cars will include the cordless charging system as an interior option for mobile electronic devices, a Rolls-Royce 102EX concept vehicle earlier this year profiled the solution for recharging the entire powertrain. The Toyota Fun-Vii can be manually driven or piloted automatically through city streets and roads.

A streamlined shape, the first thing immediately noticeable with the Toyota Fun-Vii is the lack of a windshield or exterior windows. Occupants vision inside is projected electronically throughout the cabin completely encapsulating the interior compartment. Without door handles, the entire body becomes a user interface. Beyond providing points to open doors, the surface becomes an interactive panel displaying requested information including maps.

Bodywork composition of the Toyota Fun-Vii allows the vehicle to become a digital billboard or even a chameleon. With the dictation of a user, the Fun-Vii exterior appearance can be adapted to any colour or scheme desirable. Dynamic presentations and messaging is also possible with the Toyota concept car unlocking what could be a wealth of potential ideas. Toyota reveals that exterior presentation changes can be initialized easily through a smartphone device in a near effortless manner. A novel idea promoting near endless creativity, the practical foundation for such a feature could provide some problematic circumstances if someone is attempting to evade law enforcement.

Inside, the Toyota Fun-Vii concept car explores near limitless potential for digital interaction with the vehicle user. Large console displays as well as holographic projections fill the cabin area providing important vehicle information and entertainment for up to three passengers. Featuring the flexible digital reach of any Apple iPhone or other smartphone device, the interior interface allows occupants to effortlessly communicate and amuse themselves. Amongst entertainment options when the Fun-Vii is engaged in autopilot is a virtual reality racing game.

Clearly a concept vehicle, the Toyota Fun-Vii design is meant as an inspiration in how the digital age could be fully harness in future cars. As time goes by, we will have to see if auto manufacturers and buyers alike will ‘friend’ such a vivid connection on wheels.

Information and photo source: Toyota Motor Corporation