Viper: “No Sale” Says Chrysler


Gah! Isn’t there a specialty manufacturer out there with the cash and the guts to guy Viper? It would seem the answer is no, at least according to Chrysler, as they try to sell their high performance brand to anyone with the interest and capital wherewithal to scoop it up

OK, yeah, I know … these are hard economic times and all that, but isn’t there someone out there interested in buying the Viper brand? Chrysler has had both the Viper and its Corner Avenue production plant on the block for several months, but there’s been little interest. According to a newly available court documents, Chrysler has received little interest, even if the asking price is a paltry $10 million for the whole package. None of the offers so far have even approached that asking price.

\”We received no purchaser interest. The market for such assets is extremely depressed at this time,\” said Chrysler chairman Bob Nardelli in an amazingly obvious statement to Automotive News.

The only offer for Viper, as revealed by the court documents, has been from Devon Motor Works for $5.5 million for the Viper nameplate and also included a bid to lease the Corner Avenue facility for one year, but there was no assumption of liabilities. Ergo, no sale to Devon Motor Works. There have been noises about a group of Polish investors interested in Viper, but they have yet to make an offer.

OK, for 10-mill here are my thoughts:

Carroll Shelby, Jack Roush, or Roger Penske!

C’mon, one of you guys could easily step in and buy Viper (and you even get an assembly plant thrown in AND a dedicated work force).

If not any of them, how about Bill Gates or Paul Allen … or for that matter, how about ten Microsoft kids get together, chip in 1-mill each, and just take it from there?

Source: LeftLaneNews

Photo from Flickr user stevelyon