BMW M3 drifting

Video: How to Drive a BMW M3

For many years, the BMW M3 was a hairy-chested man’s car, intended only for people who knew how to drive. Then BMW hired a bunch of nerds, who developed chassis control software that could make anybody look like a hero. But the early 2000’s E46 M3, wasn’t saddled with a bunch of “idiot proofing”.

It also didn’t have a V8, because it didn’t weigh half-a-million pounds, and its tuned M Sport straight-6 made more than enough power.

The M3 in this video was specially modified to run in the Middle Eastern MMS Rally Hill Climb circuit.

Drifting BMW M3

We don’t know exactly what was done to the car, but we do know that its driver, Garo Haroutounian, is a man’s man. So he ditched the SMG gearbox in favor of a stick shift. Folks over there call him the Drift King, and you’ll know why after you watch this video.

Shot at the recent Falougha Hill Climb in Lebanon, this video follows Garo as he pitches his Nuclear Orange M3 around each corner Like a Boss. For all of you V8 M3 driving posers out there, switch off the Stability Control and pay attention. Because you’re about to see how a real man drives a BMW…