BMW 1-Series M Front View

Video: BMW Shows Off 1-Series M With No Camo

Sometimes automakers release teasers that make us highly anticipate the new vehicle, creating a lot of suspense around the introduction. Other times, there is too much done over a such a long period, to the point where a lot of the buzz dissipates. BMW would have to fall in the previous category with the 1-Series M.

Audi even had time to preempt BMW with the launch of the RS3 Sportback, which won’t be making its way to the United States. Initially, news about production of an M model for the current generation 1-Series was a surprise – many expected the M model not to launch until the next generation car arrived.

The new 1-Series M has the distinction of the M designation being applied behind its name, unlike the M3 and M5. This is due to BMW’s reluctance to call the car M1. To that, we say good move BMW – save that name for a new supercar, or never use it again. Regardless, the 1-Series M looks to be more of a successor to the original M3 than the current M3. The M3 has gotten bigger over time.

After many different shots shown previously with camouflage, we get to see a glimpse of the 1-Series M totally uncovered in a new video from BMW. Horsepower figures have yet to be revealed – the information trickle isn’t over yet. Expect the 1-Series M to make a debut at next month’s North American International Auto Show.

YouTube video