Valentine's Day

Lonely This Valentine’s Day? Date a Nissan Driver!

Valentine’s Day, for some, is a joyous occasion as they celebrate everything from newly kindled relationships to decades long love. For others, Valentine’s Day represents a pit of cynicism, further fueled by the utter annoyance of little cupids prancing about, their arrows aimed at sappy couples. This is the day the whole world is getting married and living happily ever after, except you. 

“I think it was invented to sell candy and cards,” my friend Kelly said, a big biceps, fast car guy from Oakland County, Michigan. “Plus, all the good girls are taken, so no point.”

Kelly, or “Kel” as we say, is great to have around because his arms are tree trunks. Nobody messes with you on account of his double XL shirts. He’s a classic muscle head in both the gym and garage; his Robert Oppenheimer IQ concealed under a Vin Diesel bald head gives him a sort of whimsical charm.

When I suggested he should look for a girl in a Nissan, he looked at me like I was nuts.

“But, Kel, listen here . . . ”

“Carl, you’re smoking something funny,” came his reply.

Turns out, I’m not smoking anything, funny or otherwise. A recent study by the Psychometrics Center at Cambridge University in the UK, showed Nissan owners were among the most agreeable people you could wish to meet. Using the latest personality profiling techniques, the University discovered Nissan drivers were also the most generous, loyal, and friendly among a cross section of European car owners. You could argue, however, this is applicable all over the world.

The study further showed Nissan drivers are more likely to think of others before themselves, and be far more interested in economic welfare and social justice.

“Personality assessment and automotive design are a perfect match,” said Dr. Richard Mills, of Cambridge University’s Psychometric Center.

While I have not fully convinced my friend to look for the girls driving a Nissan, I did get him to consider the study. Kel, in typical car guy fashion, said if he met a Nissan girl at a stop light, he would have to race her. Upon conclusion of said race, only then would he truly make up his mind on if she was “the one.”

I replied in typical car guy fashion.

“What if she is driving a GT-R? Then she will literally be the girl that got away?”

That was the first time we have seen Kel speechless so I’m putting a feather in my cap. However, I’m putting a bug in your ear to be on the lookout for the person driving the Nissan this Valentine’s Day.

“Our research shows that Nissan drivers are generally seen as trusting, soft-hearted, generous, and sympathetic. They are considerate and friendly, and think other people are honest and decent, as opposed to competitive and self-interested,” Dr. Mills said.

In that case, maybe the dream girl or guy won’t race you at the stop light in their GT-R. They will probably just roll down the window and wave.

What do you think of Valentine’s Day?

*Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. 

Valentine's Day