Vacation in Sweden on Volvo’s Dime

Volvo Sweden

To promote their Overseas Delivery service, Volvo is holding a contest for anyone to participate to win a free vacation to West Sweden.

To win, simply head over to their Trip Planner, create an itinerary, and you’ll have a chance to win that vacation which will include two round trip tickets to Sweden, a one week car rental (surely a Volvo,) and all the accommodations and activities in your itinerary.

Volvo Sweden

The Volvo Overseas Delivery service (VOD) is set up for American Volvo customers. Buy a new Volvo here in the States and they will fly you (and a friend) to Gothenburg to pick up your new car and take it on a 2 week road trip through Sweden, and then ship it to your closest Volvo dealer once you’re back in the States. One night hotel will also be paid for in Sweden, as will the insurance coverage for the two week road trip you’ll be taking.

The service is similar to some other premium car makers, and is a great idea to provide a unique service to buyers, which will ultimately making the buying experience more pleasant.

Volvo VOD

The contest is easy enough to enter and is open to everyone (with fine print.) Head over to the Trip Planner to enter and try your luck at winning.

  1. Maybe I should try to win a trip around my own country ? 🙂 But god help me if I have to spend it in a Volvo…

  2. I would rather spend my time in that wonderful Audi S5 you guys wrote about some weeks ago. And by the way, I really like this blog! 🙂

  3. At first I could but now the whole car seems to fall apart 😛 I heard that the ones from 97 is really bad.

  4. They have the same deal for the C30 here in the Netherlands. That is a car assembled in Belgium (Ghent), then shipped to Sweden to be picked up by a Dutchman and driven home.

    To go from here to Ghent and back is 1000. Green idea huh.

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