Honda S2000 Custom Car Cover
The Ultimate Shield on my Honda S2000

Product Review: Ultimate Shield Car Cover

Honda S2000 Custom Car Cover
The Ultimate Shield on my Honda S2000

Honda S2000 car cover: MSRP $305.95; $159.95 on sale has released a line of car covers that are custom sized to your make and model and protect your investment against the elements.  The Ultimate Shield car cover boasts reliable protection in rain, snow as well as the hot sun and is factory guaranteed for 7 years.  The cover is lined with fleece to make certain you won’t scratch your car’s paint during installation or removal.

Ultimate Shield Car Cover

I found installing the Ultimate Shield on my Honda S2000 as easy as it gets.  There is a “Front” tag sewn on the inside of the front cover seam, which makes orienting the Ultimate Shield simple.  Then it was just a matter of rolling it out and fitting it to the car.

The Ultimate Shield comes with scratch-proof grommets on either side as well as a plastic coated steel cable with padlock for added security.


  • Custom fit makes your car look great
  • Fleece Lining feels great and makes installation worry-free
  • Very durable design with 7-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with a nice storage bag made of the same material
  • Free shipping


  • Brass padlock seems undersized but does the job just fine
  • Be mindful of your antenna (outlet patches are included)

Overall Opinion – I couldn’t be happier with this cover.  It fits great, looks fantastic and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ultimate Shield outlasts my S2000.

Head over to to check out their covers.

Have you had any experiences, good or bad, with custom fit car covers?

Disclaimer: provided this product to the editor for purposes of review. All opinions are true and unbiased.

  1. I ordered the gest cover they had for my 56 chevy p/u. Cover would fit a semi (no b/s) now has no concern for the cover that is hanging on the ground and gets mud all over my truck when I uncover it to cruise. Personally I will never buy another thing from them and strongly suggest that others steer clear. Their customer service policy isn’t worth a thing. Buyer beware.

    1. I agree they sent one to me for my 84 Bette that was 2 feet too long. They force you to pay for return shipping when it was their fault. Worst experience ever. Hopefully PayPal can assist me in getting my money back.

  2. I bought the ultimate car cover in 2013 and loved it. It is a precess and hassle to cover my SUV by myself. It is now falling apart. Contact has been made to the company for replacement. It does have a 7 year warranty. Still on day one, it did leave always leave a fibery residue on the car.

  3. I purchased the Premium Ultimate “Weather Proof” Cover for my Range Rover, what a waste of money! Within 6 months the cover during light rain becomes saturated and leaks over the entire vehicle. I called customer service understood the problem and they asked me to supply photos, which I did. Two weeks later they contact me only to say that the cover is not “water proof” and would not correct the problem or stand behind their warranty. I don’t think they understand the definition of water proof or water resistant, they surely should not advertise as weather proof unless you a storing the car in a garage. It’s a very poor quality cover and please do not Waste your money on the cheap Chinese Junk!

  4. I’m so thankful for these reviews on They saved me from making a costly but potentially bad purchase. Do any of you have ideas on where to buy the best car cover for my 2014 Chevy Cruze LTZ without spending over $225? Minnesota has hot humid summers and lots of snowy winter days. My biggest concerns are uv protection, and breathability because of all the moisture here. Thanks

  5. Yes. The car cover is good to protect but bit expensive,and a good suggestion to buy this cover.Agreed.

  6. Nice tips for storing car in winter, and from now I will do the same to protect my car.Good post.

  7. As winter is around the corner, These tips would be very helpful for me to manage my car easily. Thanks for posting such nice tips !!

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