U.S-Specific Audi A3 Sedan In The Works – Based on A3 Sedan Concept?

As far as sales and consequence for the European market, the Audi A3 was a highly important debut at the Geneva Motor Show. That stands in stark contrast to the situation here in the United States, where the current five-door A3 is a bit player. For 2013, the A3 is all-new, moving to a different platform. ]

Given that Audi doesn’t offer much variance in design between its model ranges, the 2013 A3 sticks to the same design template. In other words, like other Audis it is good-looking and well proportioned, but it doesn’t break any new styling ground for the brand. For a company that is setting sales records all over the globe, continuing a successful run is probably a good idea. We can’t find any fault with the 2013’s design, except to say we’d like it to be more adventurous.

In contrast, the e2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is more on the leading edge of style and we applaud them for that effort. So while we like 2013, we were hoping the sedan would get a more dynamic design. That more engaging appearance is something we saw with last year’s A3 Sedan Concept.


That car was striking, and absolutely a model that Audi should base the production A3 sedan on. It would be all too easy for Audi to develop a sedan version of the 2013 A3, sharing sheet metal from the front A-pillar forward. According to The Detroit Bureau, our hopes have been realized. A sedan is being specifically developed for the U.S, and it “won’t share a single body panel” with the rest of the A3 lineup globally says Johan de Nysschen, Chief Executive Officer of Audi of America.

Given most markets are content with a wagon, there was a fight within Audi to build a sedan. Now that it has been approved however, other markets are reportedly interested in selling the car now as well. Hey, it can’t hurt right? De Nysschen predicts the sedan will boost A3 sales levels to the 30,000 mark in the U.S. This is good news.

With a perfect chance for Audi develop a new sedan geared towards younger buyers in the U.S, we’re really hoping this car shows off a fresh new twist on the brand’s corporate design language. Stay tuned.