Trivial Traffic Travels

We all have to deal with it at least once a day: traffic. It’s inevitable, unless you live in a super small town with one main road and your neighbors are cows. Traffic is a daily annoyance that us city dwellers just can’t escape.

And I’m fine with that.

However, it seems that the majority of people on the road with me aren’t so cool about it. And I don’t understand that. Sure, traffic is annoying, but why get so worked up about it? It’s not going to solve anything or make the traffic go away if you huff and puff and curse and breath heavily and flap your arms around. It won’t make the car in front move faster.

Why get so upset? It seems like a big waste of energy, and really only puts you in a horrible mood for the remainder of your day. Do you really need that?

Traffic, to me, is time to sit back and reflect on the day I’ve had or the day I’m going to have. I listen to good music, chat with someone if I’m not alone, and try and plan out my day. If it’s really gridlocked and I can get some work done, I pull out a notepad and get to scribbling. Traffic is time for me to do what I wouldn’t normally have time to do if I was on the move.

How do you prepare to have a good traffic experience? Make sure you have the right beverage for the trip (coffee/water/juice) to keep you from hating your fellow motorist as he slurps down his chilled coffee. Snacks are also a good idea if you know you’re in for the long haul. Also, make sure you have a decent soundtrack for your trip; be it music or a book on CD, whatever you need to keep yourself happy and from falling asleep at the wheel when things get really backed up.

Traffic doesn’t have to be stressful. People get stressed when they don’t allow for the time they’ll be stuck in traffic. So, always give yourself time. That alone is enough to stop you from stressing. If you live in the city, you know you’re going to hit traffic at some point or another, so make time for it. Allow for it in your morning routine and prepare for it!

Happy traffic travels.

  1. I couldnt agree more. Why do people get so upset over something so inevitable? I used to sit in traffic a lot, but I did the smart thing. I moved close to my job. I now walk about 500 ft to work every morning!

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