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45 Ways Toyota Makes Manufacturing Music With Gifony

The renowned Toyota Production System is now a symphony of self expression with Gifony. The world’s largest automaker takes a musical approach to life at their Kentucky and Mississippi assembly plants.

Toyota’s industrial mantra sets an example.  Businesses model it and academic institutes study it.  The Gifony campaign shows Toyota’s manufacturing process moving in harmony as the vehicles that will ultimately carry the Toyota namesake come together.

Toyota, with Gifony, accentuates their assembly process in an way unique to themselves.  However, this is different than an informational video.  Gifony puts you on the conductor’s stand as you direct Toyota’s manufacturing process to your own soundtrack of 45 individual snapshots or “gifs.”

One of the things I found most interesting is at the center of the Gifony page.  Clicking there shows an overview of the entire day; from the worker’s safety brief, to the 3-Wet System paint process, to quality control.

Mobile Gifony displays a little different but still gives the same overview.

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Each short clip has a musical effect synonymous with what is happening.  For example, the “Wheels Up” clip mimics the sound of an impact gun as the tires are mounted in the final step of the assembly process.

Depending on the gifs, there will either be a percussion and drum sound or a melody and transition effect.

The clips also shows “tuggers” and “marriages.”

You can create your own Gifony and share it.  There is no right or wrong way – just have fun.  I learned a lot about the Toyota Production System and discovered I’m actually halfway musically inclined.

Happy creating!

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