Electrified Toyota bZ4X Heading to Japan & China First, Then to the United States.

The Toyota bZ4X BEV concept was unveiled during Auto Shanghai 2021 and is the start of a new chapter for the automaker. Toyota plans to expand its electric vehicle offerings to around 70 models globally by 2025, including 15 new battery electric vehicles, seven of which will be Toyota bZ models. This bZ4X BEV concept, pictured here, is the first battery-electric vehicle under the Toyota bZ umbrella. The “bZ” stands for “Beyond Zero,” a reference to Toyota’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

“The Toyota bZ4X concept points to yet another option in our already robust electrified portfolio,” said Bob Carter, executive vice president of sales, Toyota Motor North America. “With investments and product offerings across the spectrum of electrification, we intend to be there with products and technologies that meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.”

New Vehicle Platform

Perhaps not surprisingly, Toyota worked with Subaru for the bZ4X BEV concept. The automakers came up with a new platform called the “e-TNGA BEV- dedicated platform,” which underpins the bZ4X concept pictured here (and will serve as the foundation for a multitude of other vehicles in the future). The platform is meant to be rugged and durable yet also engaging and comfortable.

Although more details are forthcoming, the Toyota bZ4X BEV concept takes advantage of the new platform to offer things like all-wheel drive, ample interior space, and better visibility for drivers. “At Toyota, we are a human-centered company,” Carter added. “The customer is our CEO and will ultimately decide which technologies will carry us toward a carbon-neutral future.”

Toyota bZ4X concept.
The bZ4X concept features a long wheelbase with short overhangs. Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation.

Toyota bZ4X BEV Availability

Toyota plans to produce the bZ4X in Japan and China; it hopes to begin worldwide sales by the middle of 2022. Toyota will share U.S. product details at a later date.