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Top Off-Road Trails & Parks In America: Let’s Get Dirty!

  • When you’re in the mood to get your 4×4 dirty, this list from PartCatalog has you covered!
  • The infographic below shows the top off-road trails and destinations in 39 U.S. states in 2018.

When you have a super cool off-road ride, just where do you take it? Where exactly are the top off-road trails in the United States? Perhaps you want to see the hidden trails of your home state? Maybe you want to venture to a new locale far from home? When you want to enjoy the great outdoors, where do you go?

We have an answer for you.

Top Off-Road Trails In America

Now in its third year of conducting surveys for off-road enthusiasts, PartCatalog has released an infographic compiling the top off-road trails and destinations in 39 U.S. states. Although other surveys of this nature exist, PartCatalog took a different approach.

“There are a lot of lists out there showcasing top off-road destinations, but they’re all very subjective,” explained Clint Henderson of PartCatalog. “Many were decided by only a few or, in most cases, one individual.”

After visiting with customers, it became apparent having a list of top off-road trails was a must.

“We got an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea of compiling the best off-roading destinations based on location,” Henderson said. “That’s how we decided to run a massive nationwide survey to discover the top off-road trails and parks in each state.”

In the survey this year, 5,000 people went about casting their votes for the top off-road trails and parks in America. Henderson believes, because of this, the off-road locations on the list really do reflect the best destinations.

“The trails and parks we’ve compiled are special because of the sheer numbers involved,” he said.

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PartCatalog has released an infographic compiling the top off-road trails and destinations in 39 U.S. states.

King of The Mountain

Some of the top locations changed for 2018, versus years prior. For example, in 2016, Piney Mountain in Maryland was barely hanging on at number five, jumping now into the number two position. Nauset Beach in Massachusetts made an even farther leap, being number five in 2016, now number one in 2018.

Others didn’t move and remain among the top off-road trails in their respective state. For example, Alabama’s Stoney Lonesome, Black Bear Pass in Colorado, and Iron Range in Minnesota top the list again. Conversely, a few prior winners didn’t make the cut this year.

“Some of the top trails from years past don’t exist anymore,” Henderson explained. “Certain parks may stop or start allowing off-roading over the course of a year.”

Time To Get Dirty!

The top five destinations are listed by state on the infographic from PartCatalog below. Perhaps you are ambitions and want to visit every last one as part of your bucket list? If you do, take lots of photos and tag us on Twitter.

“It’s great seeing just how proud the park owners are of their parks and they’re thanking their patrons who loved the park so much that they voted for it,” Henderson said. “The off-roading community is a great community.”

Top-Off Road Trails Infographic Courtesy of PartCatalog

2018 Top Off Road Trails in America v3

Cover Photo: FCA US LLC.