Tommy Kaira Silver Wolf Nissan GT-R

Tommy Kaira is well-known in the Japanese tuning and video game world as one of the best in terms of high-end modifications. They’ve worked their magic on Imprezas, Skylines, Z-cars, and even a few of their own models, which made their way into video games such as Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

Their latest creation involves a Nissan GT-R and some impressive modifications.

The first thing you’ll notice in the Tommy Kaira Silver Wolf GT-R is the sexy body work. A full carbon fiber widebody kit surrounds the GT-R and adds to its aerodynamic profile, making it even more aggressive than before.


New wheels, brakes, exhaust, and suspension components squeeze every last drop out of the GT-R’s performance. Most surprisingly, however, is that Tommy Kaira didn’t touch the stock GT-R engine. According to Nissan, the GT-R already performs as well as it possibly can. Tinkering with the engine will only decrease performance. Now, while I strongly believe in Nissan’s engineering department, it’s doubtful that nobody can improve the power.

The Tommy Kaira Silver Wolf body kit will run you a rather hefty $17,600. The brake kit costs an astounding $19,300, and the suspension runs about $6,600.