New Technology Monitors Tire Grip More Closely Than ABS or Traction Control. Here is How it Works.

During the Motor Bella show at the M1 Concourse, our sister publication, AutoVision News, spent time with the Nira Dynamics team. Based in Linköping, Sweden, Nira Dynamics specializes in state-of-the-art vehicle analytics and road perception technologies for a new era of mobility. Alongside AutoVision News at Motor Bella, we were able to see a new vehicle feature called Tire Grip Indicator, developed by the company.

What Is Tire Grip Indicator?

The technology helps drivers detect when a dry road quickly and unexpectedly becomes slippery and alerts them accordingly, an important feature considering the danger posed by wet pavement. Tire Grip Indicator is active during normal driving conditions but is active well before common systems like ABS or traction control.

Nira Dynamics also pioneered a technology that lets you know when your wheel is coming loose before it falls off. Our editor Carl Anthony explains how Tire Grip Indicator works in the video below.