Three Mazda2 Concepts Unveiled at LA Auto Show

Mazda2 Concepts

Following the debut of the new (for the States) Mazda2 compact car, Mazda shows us a few customized versions of the 2.

The first concept they call “Mazda 2Evil Special Concept.” It’s the gray one in the back and features a modified front spoiler, deeper side rocker, rear roof spoiler, and rear diffuser. The ride height was lowered a bit, and they added vinyl graphics on the side to pay tribute to the 1991 Le Mans-winning Mazda 787B race car. The new 17-inch wheels, mirrors, and other trim is colored lime green to accent…umm…something. Looks kinda silly to me.

The other two concepts are part of the “Active2” series, showing that the Mazda2 can be used for active lifestyles…

The green one on the right is called the “Active2 Surf,” and features green paint with white accents and wheels, a revised front bumper and rocker, and a lowered suspension. A carbon fiber surfboard sits on the roof rack.

The white one over there is called the “Active2 Snow,” and is pretty much the same as the others. Front bumper and rocker, lowered suspension, bigger 17-inch contrasting wheels, and a roof rack. This time it’s snow boards on the top though.

Maybe next will be the “Active2 Rock” with granite-colored paint, bright pink contrasting wheels with off-road tires, and a built-in pulley system. You’re welcome, Mazda.