This Semi Will Kick Your Tuner’s Ass

 Mike Ryan Semi Truck drifting

Screw you Silvia, and you can keep your Supra, give me a riced out Freighliner.  If you want to get all the attention at your next parking lot car meet, cruise up in this and all of the scruffy faced FWD tire smokers will be in awe.

Check it out romping around Gymkhana style!

Okay, so it’s not exactly a pretty sight…personally I would take an Audi R8 over that.  But hey, sliding 10,000 pounds of truck sideways while sitting 4 ft. off the ground can’t be a bad feeling!  

The turbo diesel is outputting 1950 hp and 3400 ft. lbs of torque!

The driver, Mike Ryan, also got invited to do a drift showcase and he needed to brush up on his hooning skills as you can see here.

Also I’m just going to throw in a little bonus material for you.  You can try this at home, although you would most likely not have access to a semi truck, and if you do you would most likely end up arrested and/or crashed.

Having said that, here is a true underground street racing semi driver showing off for an Evo.