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Third Day of Car Gifts: ISSE Snow Socks

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Taking a break from the entertaining gift-giving ideas, the third suggestion of car-related items ahead of Christmas will focus on the car itself. Weeks remaining in 2013, snowfall has allowed the strong likelihood of a White Christmas in most areas of North America. With winter approaching quicker and lasting longer than the festive season, assisting someone in traveling over snow-covered or icy roads safety could be one of the greatest gifts. Some of us rely on all-wheel drive, crossover vehicle ground clearance or winter tires, road-going performance during the colder months can also be optimized by an inexpensive solution replacing an old technique.

Many people may not think socks are the ideal gift. However, a relatively new automotive accessory could make socks the perfect present to a winter motorist. A nifty, innovative winter driving aid, the ISSE Snow Socks was recognized as a SEMA Editor’s Choice Award winner in 2011. Serving as an alternative to snow chains, the ISSE Snow Socks provides extra grip for extreme conditions of snowy roads. Simple to install without requiring any tools, ISSE Snow Socks completely encompasses the tire with a snug fit.

Made of a washable, polyolefin fabric, ISSE Snow Socks is made of a similar material used to cleanup oil spills. The ISSE Snow Socks utilizes polyolefin’s super-absorbent characteristics and a special woven tread pattern allows a vehicle to trek over snow with better confidence than tires. Weighing less than two pounds, the Snow Socks can be easily stored in the trunk area of a vehicle when not in use. Less cumbersome to use than winter chains, the soft ISSE Snow Socks does not damage the road surface. The Snow socks will also spare the wheel wells of a vehicle from damage sometimes caused by improperly mounted snow chains.


isse snow socks 60481-GirlSnowSocks2-original

It should be noted that ISSE Snow Socks are meant to operate only as a temporary, low-speed solution. With the ISSE Snow Socks designed for speeds up to 25 mile per hour, a good set of snow tires could be the best option for all-around winter driving. For jurisdiction where snow chains are no permitted, it is unclear if Snow Socks are allowed. Please check the regulations of state or province before buying.

Available in multiple sizes to fit over common passenger tires, the ISSE Snow Sock is sold in pairs. Advertised for occasional winter use, the Classic Snow Socks can be found for $99 at popular auto part stores. Featuring a thicker fabric and capable of enduring extended use, the $149 Super Snow Socks can be a suitable gift towards a special person.

Information and photo source: ISSE Safety, S.L., Shark Industries