The Worst Car Modifications in the World?

We all like to personalize our vehicles, a little mascot hanging from the rear view mirror, bumper sticker, perhaps a spray job; but some people just take the whole theme to an extreme, spending huge amounts of cash on turning regular cars into monstrous beasts on four wheels.

Any modifications made to your vehicle should be disclosed to your insurer – and whilst some modifications, such as the reduction of exhaust emissions, are positively welcomed, others, including cherry bomb exhausts, super wide wheels and body kits, are not. So before you go ahead and pimp your ride, check your policy and compare car insurance providers to ensure you get the best possible coverage.

Here’s our round up of some of the most bizarre modifications on the road:

Suped up

This is a classic example of trying to turn a relatively rubbish car into something it just isn’t i.e. cool.



A paint job is a quick way to personalize your car and if you’ve got the cash why not have it match your cap?

Chavalier 1213551c

New wheels

The brand and wheels kind of contradict each other.


Change of use

Complete change of use is definitely something you should speak to your insurance company about…


Body kits

A personalized body kit taken to the extreme!


Extreme spoilers

I’m not sure if this is a ridiculous spoiler, or whether it’s just completely over stepped the mark? One thing is for sure, this is not a cool car!


  1. the last 2 was bosozoku style from japan… like it… aweseme

    " the worst car modification in the world" ? your world.!

    1. totally agree with you.

      these might be to you taste but there are many people who appreciate this over that tiny minority who criticize it.

    2. Agree… The guy writing this article was high on grass.

      The last 2 cars were awesome!!! Any ideas how much it costs to customize them?

    3. iam loving the creative genuis of some of these guys-effort and skill too! hahar 😛

    4. Haha whyyyy!?! And you ppl really think this sh-t cool wtf ppl these days aare f-ckin retarded for blowin money on this sh-t… My suggestion get a camero and build the engine up do some exhaust work and a midnight blue paint job then come meet me on the tracks

      1. Muscle is great, if you want to go in straight lines. Try running a Camero on a rally course, you'll go flying off the track on the first turn. Tell you what, I'll race you on a strip, and then you can race me on a drift course. See who comes out on top.

        Nissan all the way.

  2. I agree, complete waste of time, money, and what was a perfectly good vehicle! Gaaaay!

  3. The main thing that stuck out to me, was that nice little turbo handing down from the monster smart car 😉

  4. Yea, I'm gonna agree that ALL of the above vehicles are in fact GAY! They were gay before and after the modifications. Those cars were so gay the grandma up top called em gay, and if your grandmother calls it gay, it's must be flamin'.

  5. This smart car was actually built by Mercedes and not someone bored, it's based on a Unimog chassis and is fully off-road capable. Wouldn't mind one of these to go downtown. I'm sure some Ferrari drivers will be shocked when you cruise by 😉

  6. Well the first isn't as bad as the rest. But the pink car was having WAAAAAY too much camber. Will be bad performance.

  7. i thought the idea was to make a car faster so why add all this carbon fibre and metal to add more weight or maybes thats just my thinking personally if its your car do what you want to it i prefer to take things off and out seats etc

    1. If you're replacing parts with carbon fibre parts, you're actually lightening the car exponentially. Carbon fibre is a lot lighter than metal or fiberglass,

  8. The last one is actually a popular Japanese style called "vanning". It's basically modifying vans to the absolute extreme, and most of them are pretty cool. The pink car is definitely an interesting show car.

  9. Seriously? who the f-ck put this together. Absolute bull sh-t. Only 2 of those cars actually BELONG on that list that would be the second and the fourth. Obviously the person writing this article knows absolutely nothing about cars as he missed the MASSIVE turbo on the smart.

  10. You have provided excellent information here, but I am not be able to understand what is the function of extreme spoiler here. Thanks for posting…..

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