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The Ultimate Gearheads Office

You have made it to the top. Successful and in charge, you want to live life to the fullest. All the money you’ve made has allowed you to indulge in your favorite hobby, collecting cars, but now you find yourself stuck in the office all day. As far away from your obsession as possible. Have no fear, you are not alone. Car lovers dwell in office spaces the world over and the most artistic of us have designed everything a car lover would need to remodel that drab cubical into a high class gear head power office. What do you need in your office to keep you revved up and making that money? A desk, some chairs, adequate lighting, and a few other creature comforts, I’m sure.

So let’s start with a desk. This has to be the center piece of your office, the place where all the deals go down. For you F1 lovers, there’s the F1 inspired desk from PitStop Furniture. At a modest $399, you won’t be too over the top.

Formula racing isn’t for everyone. Some people like to keep a lower profile. If you want your desk to reflect that more subtle image, this desk may not be for you. A nearly complete Mini could be the place where you get all of your work done. For about $4,500 this desk would probably cost about the same as the real deal, but you can’t drive a real Mini into your office building, no matter how easy those guys on The Italian Job make it look.

executive desk

But, if you think the F1 desk looks like it was built from the Erector set you had as a kid and the Mini looks a tad worn for the wear, then perhaps you need the The Executive Desk from designer Dale Mathis. At the tune of $21,000, this clear top desk lets you become memorized by the daily gear grind. You can sit and stare straight down all day long as you see this functional piece of art at work, just don’t forget you need to work too.

Now that your desk situation is under control, you need to find your throne, the place at which you will sit for 8-12 hours a day. At you can find any number of chairs that will fit your decor and your body.

The “12 Hours of Sebring” chair has to be the most ironic and my number one choice for a few reasons. First, unless you pay for it, there is no seating in Sebring, a fact that they neglect to mention when you buy passes or look on the website. Secondly, at about $400, it won’t break the budget.

Budget? What budget, you say. Money is no object? Then buckle up. You can enjoy the same seating as the owner of a Ferrari Scuderia 16M for the everyday low price of $25,000. Touted as one of the most comfortable seats from Ferrari, don’t expect it quick- each chair is custom made.

lambo laptopYou now have a sweet chair to sit in behind that power desk, but what will you be working on? Why, a car inspired computer, naturally. Computer manufacturer ASUS has teamed up with Lamborghini to introduce the ASUS- Automobili Lamborghini VX7 laptop. Now, you can speed through the cyber world like it’s the Autobahn because this $2,700 laptop has the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor that not only helps you get the job done, but gives you the best gaming performance out there. (Just don’t tell the boss…)

With the coolest desk, the sickest chair, and the fastest computer you now have a line of people waiting to see you. They know that you are the one who can make things happen, but what will you have them sit on? Carbon fiber sitting chairs are a great choice. GarageWorks Industries has a line of modest looking carbon fiber chairs, including a rocking chair for when your mom visits starting at about $1,400.

But, if the carbon fiber chair is just a tad to plain for your tastes, you can always step it up a notch or three. You can have your guests sit in style in a Porsche 917 1970’s inspired seat from Inspired Designs, while you run through the numbers. But at about $5,800, you may be a bit more picky who you give the green light too for a test sit.

If you’re after something a bit more elegant then look no further than Aston Martin Heritage Designs. They have handcrafted a love seat out of the boot of an Aston Martin DB6. The sofa is a custom order that may run you upwards of $7,300.

Every visitor to your office will more than likely have something they will need to set down. You want to give them another stylish and car inspired piece to do that with, a table. Different’ sizes and shapes, coffee tables and end tables can make or break a look.

If you have gone with the F1 Inspired office with the carbon fiber chairs, why not keep with it by investing in carbon fiber tables? From $800 up, a carbon fiber table from Seibon will not only be indestructible, but also a sleek and chic way to impress.


If your tastes for the unique have won your designs over, then have no fear, I have the best coffee table for you, one made from an engine block.

Many tables made from blocks are custom orders and can range in price from $500 to a couple of thousand. It’s best to not get one made from an inline formation, the wedge of a V engine will support a glass top better.

Most will be made from a Chevrolet V-8, but a connoisseur can have anything, including an Aston Martin V-12 converted into usable work of art.

Now, you have all of the basics covered, desk, chair, computer, seating, and tables, but what about the accessories that will drive home the fact that you’d rather be racing than working? No problem. You can provide all the lighting you could ever want with a pair of Maserati inspired and Lumina produced lamps.

With the work day being stressful on a loyal servant such as yourself, you find that music in the background soothes your soul. But, not just any stereo system will do, oh no. You want the best, so you shell out $20,000 for a Ferrari speaker tower called the Art.Engine. It should pair up nicely with your Ferrari FMP160 MP3 player.

wine rack

Ah, another tumultuous work day comes to a close. You made the numbers you needed to this month and you would like to pour a toast to the entire office to celebrate. You duck into your office and see what you have in the final piece in your office transformation, a Jaguar Etype V-12 engine block that has been transformed into a wine rack. Each cylinder now capable of holding a full 720mL bottle of bubbly, you’ll be looking for reasons to pop a cork at 5:00.

You have created your ultimate work space, a gear heads paradise away from the garage and you like it. Sure it’s set you back more than some people pay for houses, but your life is cars. You went to a lot of different places to get these goodies, and you are now basking in your stylistic glory.

But, if you’re way too busy to do all of the digging and running around to find all of these pieces you’re in luck; LA Design Studios in Poland as developed a whole office furniture line inspired by the Shelby AC Cobra 427 from the mid-1960’s(pictured first).

So, instead of each piece bringing it’s unique characteristics to the room, all the pieces will coordinate to make your space feel like it was designed by Shelby himself. This one stop shop won’t save in the budget however, but at least one check is easier to write than 15.