Dodge Red Rhombus

The Ram Migrates: Dodge Recognized with New Logo

Filtering their trucks into an individual division late last year, Chrysler allowed the new-formed Ram brand to ride off with the 16-year old Dodge logo. For a brand now focused solely on car-based platforms, Dodge received a chance to refresh their image. Within the upcoming summer advertising barrage, Dodge’s vehicles will now be featured with a subtle new logo.

Certainly not to gain too most study in graphic design circles, the division new badge elected not to be mistaken. However, before mocking the simplicity of Dodge’s new identification, keep in mind that the outgoing ram head badge has probably been Dodge’s most elaborate marking since the auto brand was recognized as the ‘Dodge Brothers’ prior to the 1930s. Deciding to only to accent their Dodge name with silver lettering, two red stripes sweep horizontally just beyond the ‘E’. Relating to auto racing and high-performance built in the company’s past, these racing stripes kindly coordinate with the current SRT badges found on Dodge’s power-leading vehicles.

Harping back to Dodge’s old logo, the ‘ram head’ served the division well in asserting more enthusiastic qualities of their vehicles as Dodge entered the 21st century. Using the slogan “Grab Life by the Horns” from 2001 to 2007, Chrysler’s best-selling division flaunted their gritty attitude with a dual-offense on the auto market. Capitalizing on the than super stardom of large pickup trucks such as the Ram and the V-8 powered Dakota, the return of the HEMI named V-8 engines elevated corporate intensity to a level not seen since the original muscle car era wrapped.

Stated by Dodge as embodying a “forever young attitude and performance-driven history will drive the brand into the future”, the division clings to a lineup that hasn’t received a new product since the 2009 Dodge Journey was added in the 2008 year. Discouraged by the bankruptcy restructuring of the Chrysler Group through the past year, there should be a heavy influx of refreshed products complimenting the new logo. In the pipeline, the Charger is scheduled for a redesign with replacement vehicles on tap for the Dodge Avenger and their Viper supercar.

Photo and Information Source: Chrysler Group