The New Scion tC Bows At New York

2011 tC 01 PR

The second- generation Scion 2011 tC sports coupe debuted at the New York International Auto Show this week. The tC is scheduled to arrive in dealerships later this fall, and brings with it a host of new goodies, making for a pretty desirable ride.

“The all-new tC features styling that is both refined and aggressive, appealing to a sports coupe owner who wants to make a bold statement. The tC has had the youngest median age buyer in the industry, and with more power, superior driving dynamics, and increased fuel efficiency, that should remain the case with the new tC as well,” said Jack Hollis, vice president of Scion.

The most noteworthy aspect of the new tC is power. The second-generation tC arrives with an all-new 2.5- liter inline four-cylinder engine with dual VVT-i that cranks out 180 horsepower, which is 19 more than the previous version. Added to that is an additional 11 lbs.-ft of torque, and you can see where the tC could be a very interesting option. You not only get more power, but you also get an increase in fuel economy all while lowering emissions. There is also a new intake manifold design and a sport-tuned exhaust system that delivers a “bold and aggressive sound”.

Tranny-wise the latest tC gives you the choice of two all-new transmissions: the six-speed manual transmission is said to have improved shift-feel and adds to the car’s already fun-to-drive character, and a new six-speed automatic gains two gears along with sequential-shift.

2011 tC Cement R34 with Spoiler

The 2011 tC rides on a completely new platform, including a specially tuned MacPherson strut front-suspension and a double-wishbone rear-suspension. The latest tC rides lower than the previous model. There are larger 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels wrapped in wider tires. The new model also comes standard with larger 16-inch disc brakes on all corners, meaning that it should whoa up like the business. The tC also has a new performance-tuned electronic power-steering system.

The 2011 tC comes standard with an AM/FM/CD/USB audio system that features eight speakers. As with all Scion models, steering-wheel-mounted controls allow the driver to easily navigate through all of their music.

The new tC also has standard Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), traction control (TRAC), Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA). Active front-headrests and eight airbags are also standard, including both driver and front-passenger knee airbags.

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  1. I wanted to share with everyone that has a page devoted to the new 2011 scion tC here,

    I drive a Lexus right now. When my lease is up I'm considering getting this version of the tC. Great mpg (I hear better than a Prius), sleek look but still very spacious inside.

  2. "Great mpg (I hear better than a Prius)"…I hope you are being sarcastic. The new tC is EPA rated at 20mpg/27mpg…not exactly close to the Prius' 55+mpg. Idiot.

  3. Sweet car, the six-speed was much needed, but someone needs to get Toyota to make these rear-wheel drive!!!

  4. I own a 07 civic si….the tc has ALWAYS been secondary in looks and performance when compared. However, looking at the front end..hmmm….somewhat similiar to the si, especially the bottom grill. Six speed? Really?…Like the si already has? Interior is similiar for the most part, excluding the dial guages in the dash which are not digital like the si. This car is a product of Toyota catching up with Honda in this particular category of non-exotic sportcars. When they come out with the new si(the model AFTER the mugen)…this tc WILL take a backseat once again….nice try though Toyota….

    1. I think JB is obviously a employee of Honda. Probably a sales person. Let's compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. The tC is not a direct competitor to the Civic Si. Maybe a competitor of the EX or LX model maybe. Now let's compare looks and performance. The outcome is a little different than with the Si. Also, not everyone wants a digital dash, why do you think there are so few of them? Digital dashes have been around since the 80's and people have been rejecting them since! Just remember, there is only one tC model and 12 different Civic models. Oh yeah, the tC has one thing none of the Civics have, that is torque. Good job Toyota

  5. You guys have to be kidding me. i have never seen such an ugly car ever. It looks like 3 different cars put together, and that rear window bend is nasty. The rear looks like a ford focus now with a huge nasty spoiler, and the side windows look like dodge charger, and the front looks like a camry. The inside, don't even get me started. What happenned to the nice accents and brushed silver knobs and dials. This looks like a giant cheap pontiac style molding! Saving money on manufacturing costs is the new trend I guess.

    I'm very dissappointed in all the new scion line-up. The original Xa, XB and tC are still superior styling.

  6. I like the added power and torque to the Scion TC; definitely turns up the heat that notch. The Scion TC is so sporty and edgy looking yet still reasonable affordable; a winner for sure!

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