The New Lotus Family Part 4: Revved up Four-Door Eterne

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Indulging the eccentric demands of deeper pocket motorists, the Lotus sports car company is spawning a revolutionary five-vehicle lineup by 2015. Consisting of four exotic cars of the typical two-door variety, a conspicuous addition to the resurgent British sports car organization is a four-door super saloon. The Lotus Eterne is the latest entrant to a new premium car category building four-door coupes. Attaching the Lotus badge to a four-door vehicle for the first time, the Eterne will perhaps receive the deepest intrigue.

Correspondence to styling guidelines within the new four-door coupe category works to deemphasize the rear passenger entrance. The 2015 Lotus Eterne’s streamlined door handles and a larger roof grasshouse are subtle enough to initially go unnoticed Fashioning design cues first revealed on the 2+2 passenger Lotus Elite, the super saloon Eterne headlamps, front grille work and hood line are mirroring representation of the Grand Turismo-styled Elite. The rear deck lid appears wider on the Lotus Eterne than compared to the Elite with a unique lower diffuser and exhaust tip layout.

In true Lotus style, even the Eterne super saloon aspires to become a lightweight package. Weighing about 3,960 pounds, the use of composite materials keeps the Lotus Eterne about 300 pounds lighter than an Aston Martin Rapide and within par of a V-8 powered Porsche Panamera. An achievement to market an under 4,000 pound premium four-door, Lotus will miss out on the lightest car in category honours to the aluminum-bodied Audi’s A7 Sportback.

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Under 4,000 pounds of total weight, expect this four-door coupe to fly thanks to V-8 power. Derived from a Toyota powerplant, the Lotus Eterne’s power potential will really shine by adding the optional KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) integrating electric motors with a unique transmission. Delivering a maximum output of 612 horsepower when KERS works in companion with the 5-liter V-8, performance for the British super saloon is set for 4-second flat 0 to 60 mile per hour acceleration. With 531 foot-pounds of torque muscle meeting the road at either the rear or through available all-wheel drive, the Lotus Eterne will shoot over roads at a maximum speed of 196 miles per hour.

Lotus has made the statement that their future sports cars seek high-performance credentials while obtaining excellent occupant space and comfort. A tough task but obtained goal with their traditional two-door supercars, the Eterne represents an opportunity for Lotus’ interior designers to flex luxury and comfort interpretations for the future of the British brand. At the time that the advanced production model is being shown at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, little information was given out on the Eterne’s other than the fact the super saloon will have 4-passenger seating.

With a due date of spring 2015, the Lotus Eterne will be the crowning completion of the new generation of Lotus Cars.

Information and Photo Source: Lotus Cars via Newspress