The New Bentley Continental GT for 2011

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Almost 13 years passing since Volkswagen overtook control of the British luxury car name Bentley, the impulse-buying multimillionaires and various jet-setters couldn’t care less about the vehicle of 10 years ago. Interested in only the hottest machine to fuel jealousy within others, it is the goal for ultra-luxury brands to grandly introduce their customers to only the best of materials, ride and most recently on-board electronics. When Bentley was undertaken by VW, the brand remained in the same, tired shell of Rolls-Royce products. The Bentley Continental GT was one of the first vehicles to capitally wear the ‘B’ badge in an expression for unparalleled old world lavishness realizing modern technologies. Through its Crewe, England design and development center, Bentley strides to a new zenith of two-door personal luxury in the heavily-revised Bentley Continental GT for 2011.

The overall exterior has been carefully retouched on the 2011 Bentley Continental GT with a subtle change to the grille matrix and some Bentley Mulsanne-like rear details updating the coupe’s look. The new Continental GT’s headlamps have also been treated to an extra dress-up with a “jewel-like” reflector design as well as LED daytime-running lighting casts an elegant appearance at any point of the day.

Without dramatically reshaping the Continental GT’s look with the new car, some of Bentley best new exterior features might go unknown but are significant engineering accomplishments. With front-end components and the trunk lid produced through Aluminum Super Forming, this manufacturing procedure allows shapes to be easily obtained. Bentley does boast a 0.33 drag coefficient as well as a more aerodynamically stable travel with their 2011 revisions. Riding on standard 20-inch alloy wheels, optional wheel sizes in the 21-inch variety can also be mounted to the Continental GT.

With the Speed and Supersport editions taking at least one year off, Bentley admirers will appreciate a power boost in the 6-liter twin-turbo W-12 powerplant. Adding 15 horsepower for the 2011 model year, the Bentley Continental GT has a royal brigade of 567 steeds on tap along with 516 pounds-feet of torque. Providing 0-60 mile per hour run times in 4.4 seconds, the Bentley Continental GT is also factory certified for a top speed up to 198 miles per hour. The 6-speed automatic transmission with Quickshift is refined for quicker gear transfers. Running on premium gasoline, the Continental GT’s 6-liter W12 powerplant can also burn E85 blended fuels (being one of the more expensive production vehicles to be E85 compatible).

As the new Continental GT is not likely to make much of an improvement over the 10 city, 17 highway of its 2010 counterpart, Bentley’s answer for more reasonable fuel consumption comes at the end of 2011. The Bentley Continental GT will be introduced with a smaller 4-liter V-8 engine which is currently under final development.

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A newly-designed interior completes the 2011 Bentley Continental GT revitalized entrance into the new model year with an assortment of soft leathers, wood veneers and metals splendidly organized. As with previous Bentley, the installation of interior pieces are given a special duty of care with human interaction which includes the sewing of the leather seats. Produced by Bentley, the new Continental GT adds a new touchscreen interface which combines with a 30 gigabyte Infotainment system. Offering navigational information and Google Maps compatibility, the hard-drive leaves as much as 15 gigabytes available for storing music. The 11-speaker Naim for Bentley system expelling the tunes with crispness providing a fully-romantic feeling inside of the new Continental GT.

Saving 143 pounds of weight over the previous Continental GT, Bentley’s new grand tourer is still an over 5,300 pound indulgence in super-premium motoring. Pound for pound, the new Bentley Continental GT will be the newest object to be admired by many but afforded by few.

Information and photo source: Bentley via