The Maybach Zeppelin

Maybach Zeppelin Beauty.jpg

Say you’re rich, richer than your wildest imaginings. Richer than Paul Allen, richer than Bill Gates, hell, you’re richer than Croesus, what kind of car do you get as your daily driver?

First off, you ain’t doing the driving, Jeeves will be taking care of that for you. And second, there is no second. What kind of car? An S-Class? Please, that’s what your chef drives? A Rolls or Bentley? Please! A Maybach 62? Perhaps, but perhaps it’s still a little plebeian for you. There is only one answer:

The Maybach Zeppelin.

Now, you go back to your truffles dipped in the blood of newborns, Jeeves and I will take a look under the hood.

First off the Maybach is, essentially, the top of the line. Anything higher, and you’re deep into bespoke territory, and dealing with people like Figoni et Filacci on your body design. Maybach has been at this since the 30s.

Maybach Zeppelin vintage.jpg

The new Maybach Zeppelin is a brute of a car, and, at roughly the size of a minesweeper, has a road presence akin to a Soviet tank, only with a much better interior.

Maybach Zeppelin side.jpg

Power? You want power? How about a 6.0 liter V12 biturbo under the bonnet, which now delivers 640 hp and a peak torque of 1000 Newton meters? That enough for you?

Wheels? The Maybach Zeppelin features newly designed 20-inch wheels in a Chrome Shadow finish. First they were painted with a black undercoat, then a silver topcoat applied using an elaborate painting process that causes the tone to gradually increase in darkness from the outside in. That enough bling for you Puffy? Oh, not to worry, Sean Combs couldn’t afford one of these.

There’s herds of leather, and there’s special two-tone paint. The interior looks like something from a sultan’s yacht, yet the whole thing is surprisingly understated (those Germans!). Think that’s over the top? Here’s what Maybach has to say, just about the interior:

“The new Maybach Zeppelin is a car for connoisseurs, as is immediately apparent from its interior. Here, the luxurious leather appointments in California beige leather form a delightful contrast with the exclusive leather in deep Stromboli black that gives added impact to the shoulderline on the inside too. At the same time, the lustrous deep black tone of the leather harmonises beautifully with the exquisite piano lacquer finish of the trim elements. The precisely crafted contrasting topstitching in the dashboard and on the doors reinforces the Maybach Zeppelin’s sense of dynamism. The unusual diamond quilting pattern on the seat cushions and backrests together with the black piping gives the opulently styled seats a character all of their own. The occupants’ feet rest on genuine lambskin carpeting.”

Maybach Zeppelin Interior.jpg

Lambskin carpeting? Dear God … the rich really are different from you and me, huh Scott?

Maybach Zeppelin rear seats.jpg

Oh, and it doesn’t stop with dead lambs to rest your feet on either. Did you notice the perfume atomizer?

Maybach Zeppelin Perfume atom.jpg

Yes, I said perfume atomizer, the only one of its kind in the world. Maybach says, “It easily eclipses all previous efforts to produce something similar, both in terms of its visual appeal and its operation.” Wait, there were previous efforts on the perfume atomizer front? Get out!

Maybach Zeppelin Perfume 2.jpg

Price? Well, if you have to ask … well, OK.

The Maybach 57 Zeppelin costs €406,000, the Maybach 62 Zeppelin has a price tag of €473,200 (German list price, excl. VAT). The perfume atomizer that is exclusive to the Zeppelin can be ordered for an extra €3950 (German list price, excl. VAT). That’s right, the frickin’ perfume deal is more than a used Miata.

Maybach Zeppelin Rear Champagne.jpg

Get your buyer to ring up Maybach poste haste, because they are only making 100 of these.

Maybach Zeppelin front.jpg

Maybach Zeppelin door sill.jpg

Maybach Zeppelin Badge.jpg