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Fli Charge #1

It’s been a busy day; we all have them.  And on those days, we use our phones, tablets and laptops like crazy.  We are working hard and of course, using our technological devices to send e-mails, texts and make conference calls so we can get done on time.

Finally, it’s 5pm!  It’s the weekend!

And there is a hot date waiting at dinner tonight. They are something special, maybe even the one.  Rush home, shower, iron that favorite shirt, race out the door and jump in the car.

The restaurant you are meeting is the new Italian place and it’s supposed to be one of the fanciest spots yet.  You pull it up on your phone navigation and as the voice prompts you to proceed, you discover the most horrible thing.

Battery at 1 percent . . . 

That blinking red light is going to ensure you are late for your date and with no way to call them, they will assume you stood them up.

No problem.  Grab the cord and plug it into your car.

Wait, the cat chewed through it and you’ve been too busy to get another.

Your hot date is doomed.

Fli Charge #11Granted, this might be an extreme example, but then again, not really.  In my work with the greater automotive industry, I travel often and as I land at airports and grab rental cars, I reply on my phone navigation to get me around a city I am not familiar with.

That doesn’t count the number of e-mails, texts and calls I am answering as I get off the plane either.

Despite my best efforts, my phone battery runs down and when I get my rental, what I need most is an effective way to charge my battery, without having to dig through my luggage to get my car charger.

Fli Charge #2

fliCharge, based in Chandler, Arizona, is doing something unique but incredibly practical.  They are the first and only to introduce a wire-free charging platform in automobiles.

The fliCharge Pad is a universal power platform that allows you to charge your device, right in the dedicated cell phone area of the car.

A car charger or power brick and the accompanying wires can be left in your bag.

Most cars these days have some sort of wire-free communication technology.  This works in the interest of convenience and safety and the same is true of fliCharge’s approach.

As the phone communication system inside the car is now wireless, so is the charging system.

fliCharge is high output, charging devices from phones to laptops with 100 percent efficiency, just as if they were plugged into the wall.   The difference comes in how they engineer the technology, which is cost effective, environmentally friendly and reliable.

Fli Charge #9

The fliCharge Pad uses conductive power which is remarkably convenient.  Inside the car, for example, there is one charging center, free from wires and clutter that will provide the same charging rates as if the device were plugged in to begin with.

The conductive “strips” of the fliCharge technology are positioned specifically to provide low voltage DC power to all devices in contact with the Pad.

Fli Charge #8

fliCharge is safe too.  It does not emit radiation, produce a magnetic field and there is no risk of electric shock.  Heat is not an issue either.  fliCharge Pads remain cool, have no issues if water is accidentally spilled on them and shut off automatically should they come in contact with incompatible metals.

Ford, Chrysler and Toyota all offer fliCharge technology and other vehicles are on the horizon.

Right now, it is mostly considered optional equipment on new models.  Those interested in a vehicle equipped with a fliCharge Pad should check with a certified sales consultant at their local dealership for complete availability.

fliCharge is expanding beyond the automotive world too, offering their wireless charging Pads in home and office furniture.

The company is even pursuing the healthcare and education fields.  With a fliCharge Pad, doctors and nurses can charge devices with vital medical records while the school library could charge tablets for an upcoming class with the students.

As the company expands, their technology might be seen in the next coffee shop or restaurant you visit. With your laptop charging on the table, you could work for a little bit and not worry about draining the battery.

Fleets and construction related companies may find interest in the fliCharge technology as it has the ability to charge power tools.

filCharge has a licensing and partnership program, detailed here, that has been instrumental in their growth.

Fli Charge #6

For the automotive industry, this is another step towards convenience and safety when it comes to in-vehicle communication.  I would not be surprised to see filCharge Pads in all automobiles in the near future and not just as optional equipment either.

I could foresee something like this being standard.  Once people see the convenience of simply setting their phone in the center console and it charges, wire free, I think the demand will be there.  I could see luxury car manufactures really using the fliCharge technology to their advantage too.

One day, the traditional car charger may become obsolete?

Only time will tell but it does seem appropriate to say “of course, why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?

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Special Thanks: Kevin Hibbard, VP of Product Development and Stephen Meldrum, National Sales Manager – both of fliCharge inc.

A full list of fliCharge products can be viewed here while user guides are available here.

Important Editor’s Note: While I was approached by fliCharge to write this piece, I was not compensated by them or given any of their products for “free.”  After speaking with the staff and learning about the technology, I was convinced they offer a solid and safe product.

The sentiments above are my own opinion.

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